Friday, April 18, 2014

Choosing the Correct Type of Interview Questions

Employers have to screen possible candidates for the latest job opening. Job interviews are custom for a new job or advancement within the company. According to your company, what questions should you ask candidates during the interview?  Human resources are responsible for performing the interview process, so choosing the interview questions is very important.  This is going to decide who joins the company.  You have two choices: the standard questions or oddball ones.

Standard questions are common interview questions most companies use.  What human resources have to do is listen to the answers and watch their body language.  There are plenty of questions to select.  The downside of this is candidates can access common interview questions online.  They can prepare the best answers to please the ear just to land the job.  The good news for you is that you are expecting this.  You have the power of choosing which questions to ask and in what order.  You can weed out the ones that give generic answers without showing their personality.

Thinking outside the box and asking unorthodox questions will throw candidates off guard.  They have to think on their feet if they want the job.  Check out their answers and mannerisms during the interview.  Math questions, personal struggles, songs, recipes and completing a task on the spot are examples of how zany the questions can be.  The downside of the method is the time it takes to conjure an oddball question.  The questions have to connect to the job.  However, it will be worth it in the end.  This type of interview is great for job openings related to problem-solvers and thinking on your feet.

A combination of both is a good idea.  You can use the standard questions as warm-ups to the oddball ones, vice versa or a mix and match.  They'll be prepared for the standard questions and won't see the oddball questions coming.  You'll know which candidates to eliminate with this process.

Don't go too far in the interview.  Asking questions that doesn't pertain to the job is illegal.  There is a line hiring mangers cannot cross.  Evaluate the questions before the round of interviews begin and make sure the HR representative doesn't have a history of being too assertive.

Take your time choosing a candidate.  You don't want to hire someone just to fire them and rehire for the same position.  Contact us for more information.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strategic Reasons Why Staffing Agencies are Necessary for Your Company

Staffing agencies is another way to search for permanent workers.  Along with the obvious reasons - filling vacancies between employees, adding workers during seasonal time, and giving overworked employees relief - temporary services help companies in other ways.  Three reasons why a staffing or temporary service is necessary are below.

Temporary services occupy people from every industry.  You can find the right person for the project; all it takes is research.  The candidate offer specialized experience that your employees don't possess.  You can get the project done today without hiring a permanent employee.  It's great for companies whose finances are struggling.

Employees in staffing services offer a fresh perspective to situations.  Current workers in the company have gone stale with ideas or refusing to think outside the box.  Companies that crave a different angle will hire an employee from a temporary agency for those innovative ideas.  If you do decide to hire the person, that person will bring fresh ideas to the fold.  Their experience may be just the thing you're looking for.

If you do choose to find candidates, a temporary service worker is a great solution.  You've seen the resume and saw the work ethic in person.  You had time to interact with them for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.  You know how they interact with customers, management and other employees.  If this person is a great fit, you can hire them straight from the temporary service to your business. It's easier for companies to hire someone they know and feel comfortable with than hiring someone based a resume; you have more information to go on.  That's why networking is so popular.

Staffing or temporary services are a great opportunity to try someone out before you hire them.  Staffing agencies are also good to fill up the work staff quickly during high traffic and seasonal periods.  Don't ditch the online recruiting tool and searching for the perfect online resume for staffing services.  Add this trick with online recruiting tools and resume searching to find the best candidates for your company.  Contact us for more information.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Online Recruiting Can Be Made Easier With Jobvertise


Online Recruiting can become a lot easier when a company is aware of the tools available at  There are job alerts that an employee can sign up for on the site.  You want to be able to go through a very simple process when you are searching for jobs.  The fact that all you have to do to get these job alerts is go to Jobvertise and type in your e-mail address once you find the job alerts link.

Employers want to find employees that match a certain skill set.  If you are hiring for a daycare, you definitely want to hire someone that is comfortable working with kids.  You have to make sure that the employee is honest in their answer and is willing to go through a background check if they hope to work for a daycare. definitely provides you with some great candidates to fill jobs.

Human Resources
Human resources professionals have definite goals that needs to be met.  You may have a certain number of positions available and only a limited number of days to fill them in.  Jobvertise can even help you set up a Jobs page for your firm so you can lay out all available jobs and get them filled within a certain date.

The reach of Jobvertise is quite impressive.  The truth of the matter is that you can reach out to international applicants if you are an employer that is using the site.  It can be very good for a firm to reach out to international applicants, it can be a very good thing to reach out to people with global knowledge.  A company that is prepared with the right staff can also reach out to members on a global basis.  Companies that find employees through Jobvertise/online recruiting are going to be satisfied. If your firm needs assistance with the hiring process, please contact us

Friday, March 28, 2014

Human Resource Teams Love To Search Resumes Free

Resume Search
It is helpful for a company to search resumes free.  Can you get a clear picture of who a candidate is before you actually have a face to face interview with?  Yes, you can have a good idea of who people are; particularly if they took the time to post their resume on
Do you have a large number of listings to post in order to attract different employees? can be a great place to go if you are a human resources director that wants to set up a jobs page for you, a jobs page where you can post all of the listings that you need.  You can even post a bulk number of items within each department.  

If a human resources department has a large number of listings to post, then it makes sense to search resumes free.  The concept of looking at resumes for free gives you the chance to save money within your human resources budget.  A company can now spend more money on important research and development projects because of the money that has been able to save them. Jobvertise is an effective way of advertising the positions that you need to make sure they are filled up and filled up quickly.

Management Firms
A management firm that has come in to run a hospital should make sure that new jobs tied to that hospitals are posted on a great source like Jobvertise.  You can attract some great medical professionals by posting the hospital listings on such a great site.

The medical professionals can view the opportunity to work at the hospital as a great, new opportunity.  The management firm can find the kind of people that they need in order to make sure patients are truly comfortable with that hospital.

When you are ready to do some hiring, do not hesitate to contact us at

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Best Human Resources Tool Can Make Your Company Stronger

Companies enjoy the opportunity to draw a wide variety of candidates.  You want to be able to find a great swath of candidates that can end up growing your company in the exact way that you want it to grow.  You can search international resumes on Jobvertise.  The international resumes that you can find on Jobvertise allow you the chance to find candidates that truly know how to communicate with people all over the world.

A great human resources tool can let you know how to search for different Canadian resumes.  The process of oil exploration can become easier if you find great candidates from Canada that truly know how to drill for different mineral resources.  You can find a lot of people with a vast amount of experience on  Experience is what needs to be laid out on a resume and the best resumes out there are something that can also lay out a proper skill set that would be necessary for a given job.

Consultants are able to post their resume on  If a consultant is having trouble landing a gig then the process of posting something on Jobvertise can end up helping those consultants.  Consultants do great work and they need a great jobs site where human resources people can find them.

The best consultants out there can work in order to change the world of healthcare when they are trying to set things up properly.  Choices have to be made when you are starting a company.  The selection of the right people can make a big difference when it comes to the overall innovation that is set up within a company.  If you want to be able to run a human resources department correctly, do not hesitate to contact us at Jobvertise.

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Free Company Jobs Page Can Help Companies Find The Right Employees

A good company jobs page can give confidence to employers and potential employees.  The job listings that are a part of a page can be quite accurate and really help people find the right kind of employee.  Employment opportunities are there, employers just need a chance to find the right people.

A free company jobs page can be placed on your site in order to meet all of your hiring needs.  How can you find a good consultant in order to help you build a company and make sure it lasts for an extended period of time? You can use Jobvertise in order to check out some of the best resumes available in both Canada and the United States.

Why does Jobvertise work so well for companies?  Because if you have large human resources department or multiple departments then you can put a bulk number of jobs.  It can be very easy to reset your password, if you happen to lose your password after forming an account on Jobvertise.

Resumes are something that a human resources department can spend hours going through everyday.  Jobvertise  is great because you will see all of the best resumes in one specific space.  Jobveritse can also help you set up Resume Search Plans in order to make sure that a company can be truly prepared to hire the right people.

Skills and experience are going to play a large role in a resume.  A potential employee can make regular edits to their resume on Jobvertise.  It is very easy to upload those edits and that new resume on the site.   Resume sites are a great place to organize your thoughts.

A jobseeker gets the chance to showcase themselves to potential employers.  Potential employers are going to look for good clerical skills and potentially positive feedback that they see on their resume.
It does not matter whether you are an employee or an employer, you should contact us in order to learn how our services can help you.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Human Resources & Resume Research Can Be Beneficial For A Company

Human Resources

The best human resources professionals are going to use in order to find the greatest professionals out there that will work well for their company.   You want to be able to find people that are truly going to focus on the needs of your company   Human resources professionals can sift through resumes in both Canada and the United States.


Employers are able to check out the free resume database once they take the time to create an account and login to the site.  A company can spend all day trying to find the best employees that they need.


A company can use bulk importing in order to post a large number of jobs on Jobvertise.  The bulk importation of job postings can do a lot of good for your company if you hope to do a lot of quick hiring in the future.

Jobs Page

The team at Jobvertise can even help you set up a Jobs page that can be oriented into your own website.  The Jobvertise Jobs Page that can be created for you would work well because the Jobs site can look exactly like your base webpage, in other words the Jobs Page can be properly integrated into the core of your current site.


Employees should know that actual, legit employers post positions on the site.  A lot of employers may have several human resources departments and each of those given departments can post listings on the site.  Basic resume searching and posting should be free.  The team at Jobvertise realizes that this should be free, unlike many other job hosting sites.  People are having to struggle through very hard economic times, they should not have to pay for the chance to post their resume.


Jobvertise is a great place to make sure your company stands out.  The website bring credibility to your company because they know we are talking about a quality job searching tool.   If you are a job seeker or an employer, contact us in order to have any questions about Jobvertise answered promptly.