Friday, June 8, 2018

Jobvertise Applications Increase 400%; Server Upgrade Completed

Jobvertise, the world's number one free Jobs and Resumes database upgraded server capacity due to overwhelming increases in applications and database size.

With a 400% increase in applications over the last 3 months some employers have experienced the site lagging due to lengthy response times for database queries. Some searches in the past have resulted in "server overloaded" messages which is unacceptable.

We have upgraded the servers which will result in faster response times and quicker results from the database.

Thank you for using Jobvertise!

The Jobvertise Team

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The entire Jobvertise web site is now encrypted

We are pleased to announce Jobvertise uses SSL encryption by default for the entire web site. SSL encryption protects any data entered on the site from being monitored by a third party.

In the past we had encryption enabled only for the login and administration areas. Now the entire site is encrypted.

Any information you use to fill out forms will not be visible to the web traffic between your browser and Jobvertise.

This includes information such as resume searches, contact forms, applications, everything! It's all encrypted.

The Jobvertise Team

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jobvertise enables encryption for jobseeker logins and registrations

In a preemptive measure Jobvertise has now switched the jobseeker login to use HTTPS by default with an extended validation  SSL certificate. Depending on the browser you will see something like the following:

On the navigation bar in Chrome:

On the navigation bar in Internet Explorer:

The green background with the lock next to it indicates your data is being transmitted with bank grade security. This means if you are on a public wifi others cannot see what data you are transmitting including your login credentials.

You can login or post your resume using our secure connection.

The Team

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jobvertise secures employer logins using HTTPS (SSL)

Jobvertise has enabled secure login for all employer and jobseeker accounts. This ensures end to end encryption for login, passwords, and other information entered sent over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) also know as HTTPS.

Below is how it will display on Chrome:

Jobvertise has obtained an Extended Validation Certificate from Comodo which prominently confirms in green letters that the site you are connecting  to is validated to be Jobvertise.

The following picture show how it looks on Internet Explorer:

You can utilize the SSL login at the Jobvertise Employers Secure Login page.

Happy job posting and resume searching!

The Jobvertise Team

Monday, February 27, 2017

Jobvertise employer account gets a facelift

You may have noticed that things have changed for the better when you log into Jobvertise. We've spent a lot of time removing the clutter and giving you better and consistent navigation throughout the site.

For example, here is the typical login page:

You can see that there are now pull down menus containing easy navigational links and also and a quick links area on the right for the most common tasks.

There is a consistent logout button at the bottom of the pages and relevant navigational links.

Checkboxes or warning signs on the left column alert you to things that are optimal or need to be done.

We also have improved dialog boxes used throughout the site which gives you a better visual representation of what occurred form the previous page. For example:

The top dialog box indicates success by the green checkbox and green outline of the box. The bottom dialog box alerts you to a problem because of the octagon which represents a stop sign, an "X", and a red outline of the box. 

These visual cues alert you to what is going on in multiple ways in addition to text message.

Please enjoy your new employer account area and let us know if there is something we can do better!

The Jobvertise Team

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

20,000+ New Resumes Per Month

Jobvertise is growing! Kick-start your recruiting season by taking advantage of our resume searching and job promotion services.

20,000+ New Resumes Per Month 

Jobvertise is now receiving twice as many new resumes to complement our million+ resume database. 

With more fresh resumes our membership plans are an even better value since our rates are unchanged. 

New: Promoted Job Slots

With our paid plans we automatically include promoted job slots. Promoted jobs can be changed at any time and are sent to our premium partners such as:

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • The JobG8 Network
  • Jooble (we are a Silver Partner)

More Jobseeker Contact Information

Almost all of our new resumes have e-mail and phone numbers available so you can choose how you want to respond to the jobseeker.

Jobvertise basic services are free so get started today!

* Premium partners are subject to change at any time 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jobvertise TurboSource - Your Recruiting and Outsourcing Service

Do you need help finding candidates? We are pleased to announce our new recruiting service Jobvertise TurboSource™.

TurboSource can help you fill positions quickly. Key benefits include:

 No cost unless you hire
 100% satisfaction guarantee
 3-6 year replacement guarantee
 Lowest rate guarantee
 All candidates go through a series of interviews, references checked and work eligibility verification
 RPI, MSP & VMS support

Take advantage of TurboSource with a free trial and no obligation.

Click Here to have a representative contact you today!