Friday, July 16, 2010

Easily Promote your Job using Social Media

We have added convenient buttons for you to quickly and easily list your jobs on Twitter and Linked in. Once you have logged in and click on "Add/Edit Jobs" you will see the Twitter and Linked in buttons under the "Promote" column on the far right. Simply clicking on these buttons will take you to the respective web sites and pre-populate fields so you can easily make your posting.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. If there are other social media sites you would like to use to promote your job listings please contact us through our feedback form.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jobvertise reduces ads, adds contact info

Recently we have made a conscious effort to give users of Jobvertise a better experience by removing ads, increasing contact information and better communication.

Our CEO has written a letter which gives a little insight on how our company is run.

You may notice on individual job pages we have reduced the ads displayed by 80%. Our business model does work around advertising, but we have found that smaller, more targeted ads give good results and generic run of site ads just are not worth the trade off as far as cluttering the web site and giving you a good user experience.

Additionally we have provided contact information for our company at the bottom of each job detail page so you can easily contact us at any time.

All of these changes to Jobvertise should benefit you the jobseeker. We hope you enjoy the changes to the Jobvetise web site.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Resume Filters vs. Preferred Membership Filters

This post is a long time in coming as one of the more frequent questions we receive from employers is a result of confusion over which resume filters are free and which ones require the Preferred Membership.

We term a resume filter as a selection by the employer on how to narrow down resume results, whether it is keywords, category, location, etc.

The full resume search form only appears after you login, and there are two sets of filters, free and premium. The filters on the top are free and they include "keyword", "city", "state", and "zip" or "province". The filters that require the Preferred Membership come next, "category filtering", "only title matching", etc.

For Non-Preferred Members listing both types of filters gives you the ability to try out the premium filters and see what search results appear. However, if the premium filters are selected you will not be able to see the resume details. This was causing a lot of confusion for people who were trying to view free resumes but didn't understand what happens when a premium filter like a "category" is selected.

We have included more verbose language between the free and premium filters which explains what happens if a premium filter is selected. We hope that this makes the resume search page more clear on what is free and what requires the Preferred Membership. If there is more exact language that is easeier to understand please let us know via our Contact Page

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jobvertise Web Links in Job Description Contact Information

In an effort to reduce spam and as per Google and other guidelines Jobvertise has changed how links are displayed on job description pages. Within those pages you can list contact information including a web link back to your site.

For the web link we have added a special tag which still allows the links to act normally, but this link doesn't count towards your search engine rating. By automatically adding the rel=nofollow tag there is no incentive to spam our database in hopes of simply promoting a web site.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jobvertise increases security with new CAPTCHA

Jobvertise has changed the CAPTCHA interface for employers and recruiters wishing to log in. The CAPTCHA system is necessary to prevent bots and automated logins to Jobvertise.

We have upgraded the old image format from 5 letters and numbers to the new system which requires 2 words to be entered. We are using the reCAPTCHA system which is highly secure and also provides some of our users accessiblity with spoken words so they can use our system easily.

We apologize for the inconvenience for having to use CAPTCHA at all, but we do take our users privacy very seriously and owe it to them to have a higly secure environment.

The new CAPTCHA system can be seen at the employer login page.