Friday, January 31, 2014

Human Resources Trends: Engaging the Parents of Candidates

Many human resources managers report that parents are more involved in the hiring process today than ever before. If you want to attract and retain top performers, try reaching out to their mothers and fathers.

Many parents want to have a better understanding of what their professional children do for a living so they can be more effective at providing emotional and moral support. After all, many technology jobs that are common today did not even exist in the recent past. The trend may be especially strong for recent graduates who regard their parents as mentors and sometimes still live at home. However, it is also relevant for older workers who fall into the sandwich generation that is juggling responsibilities for both their children and their aging parents.

Parental involvement offers many benefits. Positive family dynamics help to make workers happier and more productive. Informed parents can serve as ambassadors for your brand and may take more interest in your industry.

Ever since Google held its first Bring Your Parents to Work Day, more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s already common for parents to perform many of the recruiting functions for universities that used to be done by the staff in the admissions office.

There are simple ways your company can get started. Develop communications targeted to parents like a section on your website or Facebook page. Invite people to share their stories about having a family member who works at your company. Try hosting an open house for parents. It may work in your favor when a candidate is considering your job offer or dealing with a sensitive issue on the job.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

After You Find Candidates, Keep Them on The Job by Avoiding These Mistakes

Even with the help of our site, finding candidates is a major, if necessary, hassle. You need to take time out of your busy day to post an ad, evaluate resumes, call candidates and interview them, and decide on whom to hire. If you want your hard work to pay off, your new employees must be productive as soon as possible and stay with the company a long time. To achieve those goals, avoid these mistakes.
  • Not delegating. There's nobody in the world who can do your job as well as you can, so you continue to do everything. Then what was the point of hiring new employees? They are supposed to help you fulfill their objectives but only if you give them work to do. Explain to them the goals you want them to reach and their schedules, and then allow them to do their jobs. Don't micromanage. Otherwise, you'll be doubling your work when you do your tasks and try to do theirs.
  • Criticizing publicly. The point of constructive criticism is to improve employee performance. The worker listens to what you have to say and with your help, finds ways to address the problem. If you're scolding him in front of everyone else, do you think he's hearing you? Or is he wondering about his own embarrassment and how to get away from you? In addition, the employees within earshot are feeling the same thing. Prevent these negative feelings by critiquing employees privately. Instead, praise him publicly which puts everyone in a congratulatory mood.
  • Being your employees' best friend. Because you may be supervising several employees, you want to treat them in the same way. You can only do that if you see them objectively. If you start being too friendly with someone, can you make tough decisions about him? Can you fire him if he consistently performs below acceptable standards? Conversely, do you give raises to people you like or to the best workers? Try to walk the fine line between maintaining a pleasant working environment and staying the boxx.
Avoiding these issues can ensure that your employees remain motivated to work for you. If you want more information about recruiting the write candidates, please contact us.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Keep Boomerangs in Mind on Your Free Company Jobs Page

When you are looking to fill a position and creating your free company jobs page, do not forget about boomerang hiring. A growing number of companies are welcoming back old employees. Your online search may turn up familiar names that are worth considering.

Many consulting firms have traditionally maintained alumni organizations. Today, that trend has spread. Celestial Seasonings estimates that more than 10% of its workforce are repeat players.

If you want to access your old employees as a source of future candidates, there are many steps you can take. That includes using your job listings to let them know that rehires are welcome Like any hiring decision there are advantages and disadvantages.

The upside of boomerangs is a relatively high return on investment. You already know their skills and whether they are a good fit for the corporate culture. There is also a public relations value. As people change jobs more often, returning may supplement retention as a metric to watch. It says something positive about your company that employees would want to come back.

Of course, there are also factors you want to be cautious about. All candidates should receive equal and objective consideration to find the best person for any vacancy. Examine exit interviews and other sources to identify why the person left and reduce the risk of running into a recurring issue. You also need to consider the impact on current workers, especially those who may have advanced after the candidate’s departure. While rehires have tended to come from voluntary resignations in the past, it may now be worth looking at people whose positions were eliminated for financial reasons as long as everyone is still on good terms.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Efficient Temporary Staffing with Online Recruiting

There are several advantages of temporary staffing as opposed to fixed full time jobs, especially in today's economy. It may be more convenient to hire a full time staff, but businesses today might not have the budget for that, and instead can only hire workers for a short amount of time. Online recruiting for temporary staffing, however, isn't always straightforward, as different job candidates have different goals and expectations.

A recent Smart Manager article discusses the benefits of temporary staffing. The article explains that the most important aspect of temporary staffing is flexibility, or rather that temporary staffing can be changed and fixed so that it can fit any business' need in any industry. According to the article,  this level of flexibility has made temporary staffing an ideal solution in several industries today:
"For countless organisations, there are many benefits to using temporary staffing.  The most obvious is that you can reduce overall payroll expenses by adding staff only when needed. Companies such as hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues are obvious examples, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Today there are temps in accounting, HR, marketing, logistics, administration and the list goes on - companies in almost every sector can use temps to their advantage."
Just like not all job candidates are alike in their job expectations, not all businesses are alike in their staffing needs. Some businesses have steady revenue streams throughout the year while other businesses have hyper-concentrated busy seasons, and therefore only need employees for a short period of time.

The most important aspect of temporary staffing when it comes to online recruiting is to make sure you and your job candidates are on the same page. Candidates searching for full time jobs should be informed of the temporary nature of the job in a straightforward way. Job candidates searching for a seasonal job however, will be the perfect fit for your company.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free Resumes for Employers Can Help Employment Numbers Rise

Have you looked at the recent job reports yet? It appears that the employment rate in America is on the rise and that’s good news for the majority of individuals. Businesses that are hiring at the moment tend to be restaurants, hotels, home health care agencies, retail establishments and members of the entertainment industry.

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With our complimentary human resource tools, you can fill your firm’s job openings and get Americans back to work even faster than before. Now that’s a win-win scenario for us all!

With your complimentary access, you’ll be able to peruse a maximum of 20 resumes a day. If you have more job openings to fill than one or two, our low priced alternatives may work out better for you. We’ve currently got three paid plans on offer and if you sign up for more than three months, you could enjoy a substantial discount on any one of them. The three plans are known as the Starter, Standard and Pro.

The Pro Plan is clearly the top of the line offering at the moment. It lets subscribers view anywhere from 9,000 to 9,300 resumes a month. Thus, it’s perfect for large companies with many subsidiaries.

The Standard Plan is a step down from our top level offering. It includes a minimum of 3,750 resume views a month as opposed to the Starter Plan’s minimum of 1,500.

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