Monday, December 30, 2013

To Find the Best Candidates, Know What You're Looking For

Whether you are looking for a car, a job, a mate or the perfect employee for an open position you need to fill, the best advice you can follow is to decide at the outset exactly what you are looking for. Yes, you already have a laundry list of required skills, experience, and education but if you spend a little extra time in defining what you really want, you will find candidates who are a better match and save yourself time meeting with prospective candidates who aren’t quite the right fit.

To start:
  • Define your company. Not what you do or sell, but your company’s personality. Do you value team-building, encourage employees to participate in after work company activities, want to create a collaborative atmosphere? Then make sure you say that in your job description. While that type of environment is not optimum for everyone, others will thrive in it and become a real asset to your company, not just fill the job.
  • Define your employees. The best chance you have for selecting a successful candidate is to take a look at your company’s superstars. These will be different at every company. Are they the employees who bring in the most money, effectively manage others, motivate and develop the people who work for them? When you have a better grasp of what traits your company values, you will be able to look for and evaluate that in potential candidates.
  • Talk to the people who the new employee will work for. In most companies, a department sends a written request for a new hire to HR. Often, these are just old job descriptions that will “do the job” of explaining the required skills. If you are in HR, take 10 minutes to talk to the people who will interview or manage the new employee. You will, no doubt, find out additional requirements and preferences that will help you select the right candidates to bring in for an interview.
  • Create a meaningful job description. Every company wants to find a candidate with “great communication skills, dynamic leadership ability, and the ability to work easily with others while still being a self-starter who doesn’t need a lot of supervision.” When you write the job description, give a list of the actual activities that the employee will work on. That will make it much easier to find a good match.
Spending time on the above activities will give you a much clearer picture of the person you want to hire. Rather than a list of key words, you will have a good outline of the traits that will make a qualified candidate the best candidate for your unique company. And that’s where Jobvertise comes in! Once you know who you’re looking for, you can search our database of over 1 million resumes. With the world’s largest free resume database, you are sure to find exactly the person you a looking for. Contact us today. We can help you find the best candidate for the job you need to fill.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finding Candidates That's a Good Fit For the Company

It's important to not hire someone who is the most qualified, the best dressed, the best interviewee (the one that nailed all the interview questions), and the most confident.  It's about hiring the right person; someone who has all of it with the intangible "it" factor.  This person fits the overall vibe of the company and will gel well with co-workers, management and customers.  As we approach the end of the year employers are evaluating their hiring choices and making sure they didn't make hiring mistakes.  Employers need to know if the person they chose is the correct hire.  Consider the following to find candidates for the end of the year, next year and beyond.
  • Meet and Greet:  Introduce new hires to the rest of the team.  This throws new hires off their game and exposes pieces of their personality they didn’t show in their interview.  Employers must watch closely for those hidden traits.
  • Assessments:  Companies offer 90 days to new hires to see how the employee fits in with the company culture.  After ninety days they evaluate their performance and see if the employee has the chops to continue working here.
  • Gaps:  It's great to hire someone who has the same personality and traits as everyone else.  More than likely everyone will get along.  However, companies are hurting in the long run because they are hiring the same kind of people.  Current employees are producing the same results without change.  They need to hire someone who offers something different to the table, yet meshes in with co-workers and management. 
Try this approach in future interviews.
  • Ask unusual questions.  Standard interview questions are something anyone can prepare in advance.  A way to separate the good from the bad is to ask out-of-the-box questions.  One question is to ask employees their worst work environment they worked in.  Anyone that hasn't had a terrible work environment may jump ship to another job when it does get hard at your company.  Another question to ask is how you dealt with the terrible work environment. 
  • Listen to the responses of those questions.  Is the person overacting or overreacting?  Is the person genuine?  This person must convince you that their experience really happened.  Press the issue if there are suspicions. 
  • Tell them the company culture.  Let them know in detail about the environment this company oozes.  Make sure it is written in writing so the candidate knows what to expect. 
  • Redeploy:  If you hire someone that isn't a good fit in that area, consider moving the employee to another area.  The candidate may fit better in another part of the company that the hired position.
Hiring based on what is read or what they hear in interviews is going to be terrible when the employees don't get along.  Companies need to learn from any mistakes they made during the hiring process.  Making the same mistakes will force companies to repeat the same results.  Contact us for more information on ways employers should hire employees.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Great Human Resources Tool

The people who are employed to work in human resources are responsible for a number of tasks, not the least of which is the hiring process. They have to try to find individuals who would make a good fit in the company. Thus, they have to try to search out people for the jobs that are open from time to time.

In the event that the job they are trying to fill is one that is rather specialized, then they may have to hunt for people who have the right skills and qualifications to get the work done. It may be the case that the individual needed is not someone who can just be found anywhere.

Searching for people who have the right skills and qualifications used to be a much more difficult process, but just like with so many other things, the Internet has made this process much easier than it used to be. Those working in human resources seeking the right candidates for the job can now simply log on to and find the people that they need.

On this website, it is possible for individuals to upload their resumes to do job hunting and potentially to be found by businesses as well. It is a great way for them to network with a lot of people in the industry that they happen to be qualified for.

We provide one of the greatest places for those working in human resources to get their jobs done. Not only do we help people find jobs, but we feel that we help those who already have jobs in human resources get their work done.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about what we can provide to you.

Friday, November 29, 2013

4 Qualities to Look for When Searching Our Free Resumes for Employers

Even with Jobvertise’s superior human resources tools, sifting through free resumes for employers can be time consuming. So to help speed up the process and save everyone from a dreaded case of sandpaper eyes, we wanted to share a bit of advice for finding the best candidates. In our experience, there are several qualities commonly found in wonderful employees. Here is a glance at four of those attributes:

#1: Adaptable
One characteristic commonly found in job candidates with executive potential is adaptability. A good way to tell if a potential hire has that quality is to look at their past work history. Those that held more than one position within a firm or positions that inherently required multitasking tend to be adaptable.

#2: Inquisitive
We’d also suggest looking for signs that the job candidate is inquisitive or otherwise interested in learning new things. Tell-tale signs of such are often found in the education section of a person’s resume. Examples include certificates earned after college graduation and participation in skill based seminars.

#3: Accommodating
The ability to be accommodating is another characteristic to keep an eye out for when using our human resources tools. A great way to determine a person’s flexibility is to look at which hours they list as being available for work. Other methods include looking at what they listed as their desired starting salary and whether or not they listed being open to relocation.

#4: Philanthropy
Lastly, you can sometimes identify a great, prospective team player by their propensity to participate in philanthropic endeavors. After all, most charitable organizations require volunteers to work together in teams. Thus, items to look for when scanning our free resumes for employers include a history of volunteer work.

For more information on finding the best job candidates for your firm’s open positions, please feel free to contact us. We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter and check out Megan’s tips on our Jobvertise Facebook page.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Online Recruiting Tools Can Help Firms Meet 2014 HR Goals

With 2014 on the horizon, we wanted to take a moment to talk about current and emergent HR trends. As it stands now, the majority of experts agree that there are several areas that will impact human resources management in the New Year. Here’s a quick overview and how using online recruiting tools can help:

The current and emerging trends that are expected to play a key role in staffing matters next year include, but are not restricted to, the following:
  • Mobile Devices and System Integration
  • Social Media and Gamification
  • Globalization and Outsourcing
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data
Jobvertise’s online recruiting tools can help when it comes to trends related to mobile devices, system integration, globalization, outsourcing and social media. To begin with, our free online job and resume database is the largest one in the world. So finding world-savvy, high quality employees both domestically and abroad is merely a mouse click or two away.

In addition, our online recruiting tools are designed to be integrated into a company’s existing websites and used with social media outlets. For example, with our recruiting tool, job search boxes and RSS feeds may be added to a firm’s choice of sites. There is also an option to create a dedicated jobs page that can be linked to and shared across assorted platforms.

On top of all of that, our recruiting services and resume search plans can help to decrease the time between job postings and success. That’s because our premium plans offer access to potential employee’s e-mail addresses, phone numbers, targeted alert tools and search options.

Do you have questions or want more information about online recruiting tools? If so, please contact us through the Jobvertise site. We’d be delighted to help you achieve your firm’s human resources goals in 2014.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Free Resume Search Can Help Solve Unfortunate Staff Shortages

To those that work in the human resources industry, it should come as no great surprise that unfortunate staffing shortages do happen. What may not be so obvious is how to correct them. If you find yourself in such a position this holiday season, we’d like to recommend taking the following actions:

Start to repair the damage by logging onto Jobvertise. Once you are on site, conduct a free resume search. It will turn up the resumes of those presently looking for employment in your geographical area. Under the free search plan, you’ll be able to look at 20 of those resumes each day.

Next, take the 20 job candidates that appeared during your free resume search and go over what they posted. As you do, look for any red flags. If you find a resume that doesn’t quite suit your needs, discard it and move on. When you are finished, go back over the remaining resumes and attempt to make contact with the job seekers. Hopefully, you’ll be able to set up interviews quickly and make a final selection.

If you have very little time to fill your firm’s open positions, consider signing up for a paid resume search plan and our recruiting services instead. The paid search plans allow you to view anywhere from 50 to 300 resumes per day. In addition, you’ll be able to get supplemental contact information like direct e-mails. That should make it easier for you to make contact and set up interviews.

The recruiting services, on the other hand, can help bring your firm’s job postings to the attention of qualified candidates. Additional recruitment resources available include, but are not limited to, featured jobs listings, RSS feeds and customized job notification pages.
For more information on our free resume search and the other human resource tools mentioned above, please contact us online.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Use A Free Resume Database To Quickly Find The Best Candidates

Every human resources representative wishes that all applicants that walked in for a job interview would be great candidates for the job. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. However, there are ways in which one may reduce the amount of time they spend looking at applicants that are not cut out for the job. One such way is to use a free resume database. did a review of a free resume database and came up with a list of some of the benefits for an employer:
Benefits for employers
  • No subscription necessary
  • Preview resumes without ever leaving the search results page
  • Set up unlimited saved searches and receive daily emails with new and updated resumes matching search criteria.
This is a great way to look at things. Employers are able to gain a wide range of benefits when they use a free resume database that they would not have available to them if they were not taking advantage of such technologies. They immediately get a better grasp of what the potential candidate for hire is going to be like, and in fact can hand select the people that they would like to offer an interview to.

Perhaps there is someone waiting out there to be hired for the job you have to fill but they are unaware it exists. If they knew about it, maybe they would jump at the chance to work for you. It is difficult to say for sure, but there is a likelihood that someone out there is missing the opportunity that you have to offer. Don't let that happen by simply using a free resume database
Contact us if you have any more questions regarding why you might consider using a free resume database.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jobvertise: A Great Human Resources Tool

If you are an employer or business, you want to find the best human resources out there at minimal cost. Many job boards cost an arm and a leg to work with, reducing your return on investment. But we are different at We are the best human resources tool because we help you connect to suitable job candidates without the exorbitant cost to your budget. We make our commission off of advertising and premium services, so we offer many job advertising services for free!

More and more companies, large and small, are soliciting help from work-at-home experts nowadays. You can connect with these people via our job board and decide who is best for your company, just like in the real world. Just take some time to browse our listings and our site to see how it all works. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

It's simple to use. You just input your information about the job you have open, and job seekers will apply to the job. Then you can decide who has the right skills, credentials, and expertise to do the best job for your company. It's that simple. We want to help you find the perfect match. In fact, you could consider us like a "matchmaking service" for employers and potential employees. You put the jobs out there, and then you decide who you want. What could be easier than that?

One thing we take pride in is our extensive list of titles. We have about every job title in the world listed for employers and employees to search through so there is an endless array of job categories for you to place your jobs with. Come see us on the web and check out how it works for yourself.
For information on how we can help you connect with a great human resources tool, to find the perfect fit for your job, contact us.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Search Resumes with Jobvertise Premium

Resume Searching Plans
Search Resumes | Employer Login


Jobvertise has created a new set of membership plans for searching resumes. Previously, we offered two membership levels, free and paid. Now we give you several membership levels to choose from based on your needs.

Compare Resume Searching Membership Plans

Resume Searching Discounts

  • Subscribe for three months and receive a 20% discount
  • Subscribe for one year and receive a 40% discount
  • Choose automatic payments and take an additional 10% off all your renewals

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions and answers regarding our new membership plans. Please see the Membership Plans and FAQ and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you still have questions contact sales at 888-388-JOBS (5627).

Jobvertise, Inc. 32 Cumberland Drive, Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Great Ways to Find Top Candidates with Jobvertise

Have you been trying to find candidates to fill your firm’s open positions? Has the entire process got you a bit flustered and ready to throw in the keyboard? If that’s the case, we’d suggest signing up with Jobvertise and utilizing the following online recruiting tips:

Show the Love

One great way to find candidates is to let the world know why existing employees love working for you. Doing so in an effective manner should make others want to join your team in droves. This publicized love fest may be achieved in several ways. For example, you could create a landing page that includes video testimonials and a job search text box. You could also launch a “show the love” social media themed campaign with tie-ins to your Jobvertise jobs page.

Get a Plan

Another superlative way to find candidates with Jobvertise is to establish a plan. Although our basic service is completely free, paid plans offer valuable features. Those important features include resume alerts, targeted search capabilities, phone numbers and priority access. They can help you do such things as quickly assess the current labor pool, understand your options and make contact with top talent before your competitors.

60 Second Sell

Want to find candidates of the right caliber? Then channel your inner radio copy writer and use those skills to come up with short, killer job descriptions. Just make sure that they’re factual and touch upon all of the key benefits. Once you’re done, batch load them onto the Jobvertise site. You may also want to use our site’s featured job option to highlight key positions. It is an ideal way to get your firm’s listings in front of serious job seekers.

To ask questions about the service and pick up additional online recruiting tips, please contact us through the Jobvertise website.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Look for 5 Common Resume Lies to Find Honest Candidates

Every entrepreneur would love to have the right tools to spot a liar on paper before the interview happens. While normal fudging on a resume is to be expected, direct lying is never a good thing. Employers need to know the five most common lies and watch for them while they are busy trying to find candidates.

1. Falsifying Grades
This is the most common resume lie because graduates can easily bump their GPA up on paper. While many people will not list a fake degree, they will list a higher-than-real GPA. Require any potential employees or interviewees to supply transcripts before moving forward in the interview process.

2. Graduation Dates
As candidates age, it becomes tougher to stand up to the younger competition. The temptation to change the graduation year is very strong when it will place the candidate in the same bracket as the younger, fresher competition. Make sure to ask for those transcripts mentioned above.

3. Exaggeration in Job Experience
Some desperate candidates will bloat their work experience or job titles. This lie can be tough to catch when talking to candidates, but will come out through contact with references. It's also a good idea to get permission to speak with old supervisors to get the truth.

4. Language Fluency
Being fluent in a foreign language makes an applicant look better on paper, so this lie will come up on occasion. If there is any reason to doubt, learn a few phrases and try them out on the applicant. Better yet, ask a fluent friend to sit in on the interview. The lie will come out quickly and you will understand more about the morale of the candidate.

5. Technical Knowledge
As with language fluency, computer skills are very easy to fudge on a resume. Luckily, this lie is easier to test without the help of a friend. Ask a potential employee to take a free online test for the skills which they claim to have. You'll find out before the person leaves the interview if they can do what they claim.
If you need any further help with spotting a liar, or if you're interested in finding great employees, contact us today and we'll get you started.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Retailers Can Search Resumes for Free During this Holiday Hiring Season

It's almost Halloween, which means it's almost Black Friday and the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season will begin before you know it. Therefore, it's time for retailers in need of extra staff to support the holiday shopping season frenzy, to soon begin the search for qualified candidates at all possible locations.

Sure, you can go the traditional routes for finding help. There's the classic "Help Wanted" sign in the store window. There's word of mouth of course, and there's also the local newspaper still being an option. Or is it? Do newspapers even exist at all anymore? Anyway, advertising your new Christmas season job openings online is probably the best place to attract as many capable job seekers as possible. Now, there are several ways to do this. But, what if you could search resumes for free online?

Welcome to, a website that allows employers to search resumes, post jobs, and get your jobs page for your web site all free of charge. Why pay for some of those other listings services when you can do it all for free? That's right, not only is it free, but your job postings also automatically get added to your website, the Jobvertise site, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and more.

The statistics for success on Jobvertise are virtually undeniable. There are over one million resumes available online to search through, more than 25,000 visitors per day, and over 250,000 job listings. So this holiday season, if you're an online retailer looking for some extra help to get you through the busy season, give Jobvertise a look. Contact us today for more information.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feature for jobs pages hosted by Jobvertise

We have added a new feature to reduce spam for companies that host their jobs pages with Jobvertise. If you allow free postings to your jobs page we automatically add a CAPTCHA image and field to reduce spam. The CAPTCHA field is an image that requires a human to type the letters in order to verify the code. We also offer an audio playback method for those who have trouble reading the image.

This prevents automatic bots from posting and cluttering up your jobs page. Note that pages that require payments for posting using our Jobcharge system will not be affected.

If you have any questions about this change please contact us.

The Jobvertise Team

Friday, October 4, 2013

Human Resources' Tool Can Help Managers Uncover Resume Red Flags

With all of the people looking for work these days, human resource managers truly have their work cut out for them. On a positive note, there are ways that HR Directors can ease their staff’s workloads. One of them is to use a human resources’ tool that can quickly help HR team members identify resume red flags.

A human resources' tool that falls into that category is Jobvertise. Jobvertise allows employers to complete several key functions that are helpful in uncovering resume red flags. For example, employers may use select search criteria that will help them eliminate overqualified individuals and those that are outside of the firm’s geographical area.

In addition, Jobvertise is a human resources’ tool that permits employers to directly view a person’s e-mail. The e-mail that a person uses to submit a resume can be a red flag too. Take the case of a job seeker that uses his or her current employer’s e-mail account to submit a resume as an example. It indicates that the person does not have a problem using his or her employer’s assets for personal gain.

Use of unusual e-mail addresses like “partyallthetime@” could also signal a potential problem.
Furthermore, employers using Jobvertise as a human resources’ tool also have the capability of separating current resumes from aging ones. As such, the hassle of sifting through the resumes of applicants that feasibly have long employment gaps or outdated skills is greatly reduced.

Helping to identify resume red flags is not the only benefit to be gained by using a human resources’ tool like Jobvertise either. It also offers busy HR staff the opportunity to complete the following tasks with ease:
  • Secure featured and super featured ad placement
  • Protect sensitive e-mail addresses from view
  • Batch import multiple job openings
  • Create a customized job page
  • Search resumes for free
For more information about using Jobvertise to ease your HR team’s often overwhelming work load, please contact us online. Jobvertise, Inc. is an Illinois based firm with experience assisting more than 200,000 companies with their human resources needs.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Go Beyond Resumes to Find Candidates

Going through our site is just the first step to finding qualified candidates to work for you. Potential employees put on their resumes and online listings only the things that they want you to see. You may have questions about some of the qualifications or notice inconsistencies. Before you ask prospects about these issues, go beyond their resumes with the following guidelines.
  • Check out their social pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, to find out the person behind the resume. They present a more accurate picture of your candidates as they reveal unguarded moments of individuals. Do their workplace pictures show them busily completing a projects, or displaying copier prints of their body parts? Are their text postings merely rants about their current employers or do they brag about how they improved work productivity.
  • Do a Google Search to find out more about their online trails. Don't neglect to look under the Images, Videos, News, and Blog options. While social pages reveal what applicants want to say about themselves, a search shows what others think about them. You may come across community and industry websites that laud their contributions to work and society. Or you may uncover inconsistencies with the dates, salaries, job names, and employer information that they list on their resumes.
  • If this research uncovers a promising candidate, put his name in Google Alerts. If additional web mentions pop up between the time you find the resume and the time you interview him, an alert is sent to your email so you can investigate it.
Don't simply discount an individual because your independent research reveals something unflattering. Instead, use this as a starting point for some of the questions you'll ask during the interview.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Online recruiting: the first step

The world is no longer as private as it used to be. With social media taking over our day to day lives, and having the ability to find out someones entire back story at the drop of a hat, the process of employee recruitment has become a whole different animal.

In the realm of business, all it takes is a small idea to change the world. In order to foster that idea, it is important that the right people are behind it. College degrees are no longer the golden ticket, and a Harvard University Diploma no longer gives you a free pass to life in the fast lane.
The science to online recruiting, and more specifcally recruiting the right employee has drastically changed. It is important to make sure that the people getting the job, bring more to the table than the day to day job qualifications.

It is important that you know an employee in terms that are larger than the dimensions of their cubicle. A persons capabilities have much greater depth than what can fit on a piece of computer paper. As a company, it is your job to delve deeper into the potential candidate and find out what those capabilities actually are.

Uncovering a quality resume is the first step to hiring an employee that will become a company asset. While the power is in your hands, we would love to help you a long the process. Please contact us for some more information and let us know if you have any additional questions. We look forward to working with you!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Why Hiring Managers Didn't Hire Teens this Summer

Did your teen have a hard time finding a job this summer?  Not surprising; businesses have not hired teens for summer work.  It used to be that teens get a summer job as a way to get out of the home and make extra money.  What changed in human resources?
  • Businesses are looking for permanent employees.  Teenagers can only work in May, June, July and August.  Employers look for someone year-round because they don't want to continue hiring employees.  Employees do hire in the summer; this crop of employees are there for the everyday, holiday and last beyond the summer break. 
  • Competition is fierce.  Teens are looking for work, but so are retired workers, senior citizens and college students.  Companies hired senior citizens and retired workers because they have more experience and are more dependable than teens.  College students were hired too because they have more riding on this job:  paying off tuition, fees, room and board.  They will hold the job and stay in college just by rearranging their college schedule to make time for both.  They're motivated.  Even teenagers have to compete with other teenagers, and the ones that had a good track record last summer remain with the same company this summer.  Employers like to hire experienced people and they will take teens that have worked with them before over new ones that need training.
  • The recession is over, but the unemployment rate is still high thanks to a weak economy.  With the healthcare law coming around the corner employers are still scared to hire people.  Therefore a strategy that's being used is to hire a jack-of-all-trades employee or to use the employees they have to perform multiple tasks. 
  • There are not enough jobs out there for teens.  When the economy was stable everyone was working, and there was enough work for teenagers to gain experience.  Now that the recession happened employees are tightening the belt on payroll and only hire people when it’s mandatory.  As a result there are not enough jobs out there for everyone.  Retired workers, senior citizens and college students are taking the jobs that were meant for teens. 
  • No connections on the inside.  Getting a job is never about what you know.  It's really is who you know, and it does help to get to know as many people as possible.  When you network with other people you will get the latest jobs listings before it's posted to the public.  You can score a job before anyone knows a job is available. 
Contact us for more information on job hiring.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tips for Creating an Effective, Free Company Jobs Page

So you’ve decided to sign up for Jobvertise, our complimentary online recruiting tool. Congratulations and welcome! At this point, you may be thinking about setting up your free company jobs page. We encourage you to do so. However, before you get started, why not take a moment to check out our tips?

Free Company Jobs Page Tip #1: Cohesiveness

When crafting your design, consider using our special “Your Customized Jobs Page” link. It will take you to an area where you can insert a HTML code into the page’s formatting. Doing so will go a long way in making your free company jobs page blend in naturally with your existing site. That, in turn, will only add to your company’s polished image.

Free Company Jobs Page Tip #2: Write with Clarity

To attract qualified candidates to your free company jobs page, be sure to write the ads with clarity. Succinctly explain what your company’s philosophy is and then cover the key aspects of the position. Of course you’ll also want to clearly list what you expect from each candidate and the hiring process. For example, you could write something like “Interviews will be scheduled with those that pass the initial screening within 14 days of application receipt.”

Free Company Jobs Page Tip #3: Utilize Video Library Links

If you are hiring for a position that can’t be summed up in a few sentences, consider utilizing links. The links could take the applicant to your company’s online video library. Once there, they could review audiovisual materials that provide in-depth information about your company’s job openings. If you don’t already have audiovisual materials prepared, you may want to hire someone to produce them.

Those are just a few free company jobs page creation tips to help you get started. Once you’re finished with the page, consider using our site’s resume search and Featured Jobs options too. Together, they should help you fill your firm’s job opening in record time. And as always, if you have any further questions, please contact us.

The Jobvertise Team

Saturday, August 31, 2013

What to Do with Overqualified Candidates

Overqualified candidates are tough to sort out.  They are qualified for the job, but have more qualifications than the ad listing.  There are concerns that hiring someone too qualified for the job will turn out to be someone that's using the job as a stepping stone for something better.  Avoid this hiring mistake by dealing with these candidates head on.

As hiring managers search resumes for potential candidates there is a chance that you land on an overqualified resume.  Instead of passing those resumes up focus on what this overqualified person on the resume can do for your company.  Read their resume and focus on the benefits.  Sample questions to ask are the following:  Are they qualified enough to mentor staff members?  Do they know enough people to strengthen the company?  Can they represent a piece of the business that lacks in sales or growth?  Making a list for each candidate will help you decide which ones is the best fit for the company moving forward.

If you decide, after reading resumes, that some overqualified candidates deserve an interview be honest to them.  Inform them about the job in detail and expectations they have to meet.  You can easily mesh two job listings that the overqualified candidate can do that truly fit them professionally. 

You can also alter job descriptions or add special projects to make sure the potential candidate chooses them for the long haul.  Next tell them about the pay rate.  Never give an overqualified candidate less then they deserve.  Instead tweak the pay rate to make it higher than initially listed or give them an opportunity to apply for a future promotion.  Give the candidate time to think about it if they cannot make a final decision.  One or two days are a good length of time.  Be sure to tell them that you're looking for a person who will stay with the company for a long time not for a short term.

It's a risk hiring a qualified candidate.  Sometimes a qualified candidate is a risk worth taking.  Make the leap and contact us for more information on online resumes searching and finding the right one.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Mistakes Employers Make When Trying to Find Candidates

Anyone who has ever had a hand in recruiting applicants for employment understands how difficult it sometimes can be. It’s important to select job candidates who have the required experience, education, and skills to do the job.

However, in their enthusiasm to find candidates, sometimes employers discount applicants who they don’t feel are the perfect match. That can lead them to make one of these three mistakes.

Overlook Suitable Skills because of Job Title

In this recent CBS post, the Evil HR Lady Suzanne Lucas responds to a reader who has the responsibilities of human resources, but not the job title. In talking with her current employer as well as potential new employers, she has found that the lack of title is inhibiting her ability to move from a secretarial role.

By merely looking at someone’s job title and not their job duties, recruiters are apt to overlook someone who has suitable skills, but hasn’t been given the chance to apply their abilities to the right situation. Someone hoping to get out of this dilemma is not only likely to be forever grateful to the company that provides them their big break (think loyalty), but may be more willing to negotiate salary in exchange for the chance.

Discount Quality Candidates that are Trainable

Related to the first mistake mentioned above is when a potential candidate gets a pass because they have less experience than desired or are missing one skill set.

Part of developing job descriptions and job postings is determining the number of years and types of experiences someone needs to perform a job successfully. It’s rarely a scientific process. Therefore, some flexibility is in order. The same is true when applying the desired qualifications to each candidate’s resume.

Hiring someone who has less than the requested years of experience or is shy one skill set can be a mistake, especially if that person brings other qualities to the table. Offering an opportunity and some training can often net an employer a great employee.

Leave Jobs Unfilled Looking for the Perfect Candidate 

Finally, one of the most egregious mistakes that an employer can make is leaving a job unfilled for an extensive length of time because they are trying to find the perfect candidate.

Yes, it is important to find someone who fits with the organization and has the necessary skill sets to perform successfully. However, it’s important to find the proper amount of balance between seeking perfection and wasting time.

That’s where Jobvertise can help by saving employers time and money. As the world’s largest free job and resume database, Jobvertise can help you find candidates to meet your staffing needs. For more information, review our website, read our blog, and then contact us.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Online Recruiting: An Affordable Way to Find the Right Candidate

Let’s face it. Finding and hiring good employees the old fashioned way is expensive. There are newspaper ads to place, multiple interviews to conduct and background checks to pay for. In some instances, for large firms, that can add up to thousands of dollars each year. On a positive note, there are more affordable, modern day recruitment methods that are available to employers. Here’s a look at one of the best ones:

When it comes to finding the perfect group of new employees at a reasonable price, you can’t beat online recruiting sites. Let’s take our site, Jobvertise as an example. Our online recruiting site features a basic resume searching plan that is absolutely free. It allows companies to view 140 resumes a week and post help wanted ads. We also have other online recruiting plans that allow for additional resume viewings, custom job landing pages and featured job listing capabilities. They tend to range in price from $29 to $89 per month.

A help wanted advertisement, on the other hand, is likely to cost you much more than that and deliver far less. Understandably, the advertising costs will vary based on the newspaper and the ad itself. However, for comparison purposes, one time ads in some major metropolitan papers tend to sell for $133 per column inch. To make the advertisement standout above the others, there are usually other costs involved as well. Examples include fees for prime placement and specialized coloring. In addition to the higher price, newspaper ads traditionally come with little to no extras. For instance, there is a good chance that placing a newspaper ad won’t give you access to an international database full of quality candidates and custom job landing pages.

Those are just a few of the ways that an online recruiting site can save businesses money. If you would like to learn more, please contact us through the Jobvertise website.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free Resume Database Can Help Retail Stores Fill Fall Openings

Each year, countless retail establishments across the nation are faced with a dilemma that traditionally starts in late August. Yes, we are talking about the need to fill positions abandoned by those heading off to college. Unfortunately, it comes right before the big pre-holiday hiring season and can make a serious impact on the quality of a store’s service. This is especially the case if the store’s management is not prepared to fill those positions quickly. The good news is that there is an easy, quick and affordable way to fill those upcoming positions. Read on for the details:

One of the quickest, most economical ways to fill those seasonal openings is to utilize a free resume database and online recruiting tools. There are several such options available. However, one of the best is Jobvertise. Unlike some other sites, Jobvertise offers easy, customizable options that help employers spend less time searching and more time interviewing.

Take their resume searching plans for example. There are currently four plans available. The first plan allows employers to view 20 resumes a day for free. During a 30-day month, that’s 600 resumes!

The other three resume searching plans offer a cavalcade of additional benefits for a modest fee. Additional benefits include, but are not confined to the following:
  • Access to a 300 resumes per day (Pro Plan)
  • Direct e-mail and phone number access
  • Ability to allow multiple HR staff access
  • Customized, fine-tuned search options
  • Resume e-mail alert service
A free resume database is not the only online recruiting tool that HR professionals will find available through Jobvertise. We also offer job search website features and opportunities to post job openings in assorted formats. Those formats include standard, featured and super featured. The featured and super featured options are ideal for making one’s firm standout over the others during peak hiring periods.

Those are just a few great reasons to use Jobvertise for all of your online recruiting needs. To learn more, contact us.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Online Human Resources Tool Can Help Reach Top Gen Y Talent

Whether you are a seasoned human resources manager or not, there’s a good chance that you’re already somewhat familiar with Generation Y. Word of their impact on the business world has been mentioned by various media outlets several times throughout the course of the last two years. But just in case you missed it all, the general consensus is that online recruiting efforts are key in successfully reaching them. That’s where a free human resources tool like Jobvertise can come in handy.

It offers an affordable, effective, efficient and customizable way to reach a multitude of prospective employees. For instance, firms that use the human resources tool have the option of creating their own personalized jobs page. The page is a valuable feature because it may be seamlessly incorporated into a firm’s overall recruitment strategy.

We’ll give you an example of how it could be used. Let’s pretend that you are planning on handing out giveaways at a special event designed for Gen Y consumers. You could create a QR-Code that connects to your firm’s job page and then plaster it all over the giveaways and your booth space.

Once those consumers visit the page, they’ll get to see an up-to-date list of your firm’s openings and hopefully take the time to apply. Of course you could also promote the page through e-mail blasts, push notifications and social media activities.

The customized job listings page is not the only benefit to using Jobvertise’s human resources tool. We also maintain a large, searchable database of potential employees that you may search through at your leisure. At this moment, you may be curious as to how many resumes are on file. Try more than 1 million from locations all across the globe. For firm’s hoping to attract top talent for international expansion, it’s one of the best resources that there is.

To learn more about our free human resources tool, visit the Jobvertise website.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Find Candidates in the Information Age

If you have a big hire in front of you, it's best to step into the information age and make sure you use every resource that you have before you. The best way to find candidates these days is to conduct the search nationwide or even worldwide. We live in a time that is a buyer's market for companies looking to hire, because plenty of people are out of work. You can increase the chances of finding candidates by using job portals that allow you to collect resumes.
This is a great opportunity, because you basically enter a search criteria and allow software to do all of the work. Instead of burning money on travel expenses to visit job fairs, you can receive resumes from people who are coming to you. It is also important to find the right candidate by searching all over, because you do not want to make a poor hire due to lack of research. Since you're able to pluck people from all over the planet, thanks to resume submission services, you have every tool at your disposal to find the right candidates. When this is what you are looking for, make sure that you lean on use for all of the help you could possibly ask for!

We allow people to submit resumes and help companies match with hungry and capable employees. In order to make the most out of your next hiring process, visit our site and contact us to take advantage of the services we provide.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Streamline Your Candidate Search with Online Recruiting

We know an HR manager who advertised locally a few years ago for a data entry position and received over 500 resumes. A large number of those candidates were not qualified for the position, and weeding through all those resumes and cover letters took a great amount of her precious time. In this day and age, there is a more efficient way to find qualified candidates for all sorts of positions, and that is through online recruiting.

There are a number of advantages to utilizing an online database for your recruiting efforts. First, while there are millions of resumes out there online, you can easily search for exactly the skills and experience that you need for your position. Because of the powerful search tools available with online services, you do not need to read every resume yourself. Instead, you can set parameters for qualified candidates and only review those whose background meets your needs.
An online database also allows you to widen your search beyond the local level. In our extremely mobile culture and challenging economic climate, job seekers are often more willing to move to a new location in order to take a job that appeals to them, especially if the location will also be a new and exciting opportunity for them.

You can also make your business, and your location, more enticing to potential employees by creating your own job page on a website such as Jobvertise. This will allow you to make your company stand out amongst those who are looking for qualified candidates.

Of course, another advantage in these tough economic times is the opportunity to try a new service for free, and Jobvertise makes all its basic services, for both employers and job seekers, free in order to attract a wide variety of qualified job seekers and employers.
So jump start your online recruiting with the ability to search over one million resumes for free. Contact us today to sign up and get started.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Search Resumes Online to Find the Right Candidate

In today’s fast moving world, you can’t always wait for the right candidate for the open position in your company to come to you. Sometimes, you have to go to them. The job market has gone high-tech, and the way for employers and potential employees to contact each other has changed. No longer are the days of searching through exclusively paper resumes, now are the times to search resumes online, as well as paper, and it is the only way to maximize the potential of your company’s future employees.

Online hiring has jumped in numbers, and it means there are hundreds of websites to search for new employees to add to your company. Many sites are overloaded with employers, however, and don’t have enough qualified job seekers to fill the jobs. Unlike those websites, Jobvertise.Com has one million resumes listed online for you to search through, as well as numerous other benefits for employers to use in the process of hiring.

With online tools like Jobvertise.Com, you can search resumes online, with the ability to narrow the search down by specific search terms, as well as by what candidates are willing to relocate. This can make your search for finding the perfect employee easier, and you can do it all from one website. You also have the option of posting the job you have open on the website, so you have people coming to you as you are looking. This can better your chances of finding the right person for the job you have available, and it will increase the number of resumes you see.

Some other benefits of using Jobvertise.Com are that you can set up your job listing so that, with the click of a button, the listing will show up on popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN, as well as on your own website.

If you have any questions as to how Jobvertise.Com works, visit the FAQ page on our website, or contact us.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jobvertise E-mails are Mobile Friendly

Things have changed rapidly over the last three years, and more and more people are reading their e-mails on their phone or tablets instead of their desktop computer. Because of this trend we have switched to a more cell-phone friendly e-mail format.

Having an e-mail format that looks nice on desktop computers and also renders in a way that looks good on smaller screens is challenging, but we think we have reached a nice compromise which should be great for both types of viewing.

If you are still using the desktop you will only see slight image and  navigation changes at the top of the e-mails. For those of you on mobile the first screen of content will contain more relevant information and easy vertical scrolling.

Happy Mobile Computing,

The Jobvertise Team

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jobvertise Provides Job Content for Websites

Free Job Content for your Website or Blog

Do you have a web site for posting jobs? You can use a feed from Jobvertise to supplement your jobs and have a better user experience for your jobseekers.

You can import our jobs using an xml feed. If you want a small  niche job subset you can do this easily with an rss feed. For example, to request jobs near Chicago for Java Programmers use the following url:

In fact, just do any kind of job search on Jobvertise and then click on the "RSS" link to get the url for your custom search. Then code that into your jobs pages and presto, you have free content for your web site!

If you have a larger site or a more general job site  you may be interested in a full jobs feed from Jobvertise. We can provide you an xml file to download. Because of the size, the jobs file will be compressed and updated each night. Please contact us to set up a feed for you if you are interested in this service.

The Team

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jobvertise upgrades employer login area

You may have noticed that Jobvertise has a new, fresher look. We took the time to make the employer login area more clean and sectioned so it is easier to find what you are looking for and also give you status updates on your account.

Because Jobvertise had the same layout for so long we were careful to preserve the same concepts so you can get your recruiting work done quickly as before with the benefit of some additional features.

For example, if you do not have Resume Alerts set up we feature this prominently on the administration area with a yellow triangle warning sign.  Conversely, if you have them set up we acknowledge this so it's easy for you to verify and also edit your Resume Alerts.

Also, we have included contextual navigation, so the main links towards the top of the page are content dependent are more relevant for easier access the features and options you are more likely to use.

This sectioned format has been upgraded throughout the site for consistency. We initially received some feedback from users regarding these changes and and have tweaked the layout to make it even better.

The Jobvertise Team

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A new year, and plenty of new resumes

Happy February! Jobvertise continues to grow, and is having a great 2013 so far, with January jobseeker traffic and employer activity easily surpassing 2012 levels. We are now averaging almost 1,000 resumes a day, which is great for employers searching our resume database.

We have received plenty of positive feedback regarding our "eye" icon on the resume search; when this shows up near the resume title you know that you have already looked at that resume. This is a great time saver and also saves your resume views so that you don't waste them on resumes you already viewed.

We now have 3 different plans for premium members searching our resume database. The most popular one, the Standard Resume Plan gives you 125 resume views each day, plus full access to the available contact information and fresh resumes. At only $59 month-to-month it is a great deal compared with other sites. We don't lock you into recurring payments! But if you want to save an additional 10% on your future payments, signing up for automatic billing is easy to do.

In the last 3 months we have also expanded our partnership agreements to include more job aggregators and this means one thing to you - more responses to your job postings, and more resumes!

We are looking forward to the rest of the year, and we hope that you can ride the wave and include Jobvertise as part f your 2013 recruiting plans.

The Jobvertise Team