Saturday, August 31, 2013

What to Do with Overqualified Candidates

Overqualified candidates are tough to sort out.  They are qualified for the job, but have more qualifications than the ad listing.  There are concerns that hiring someone too qualified for the job will turn out to be someone that's using the job as a stepping stone for something better.  Avoid this hiring mistake by dealing with these candidates head on.

As hiring managers search resumes for potential candidates there is a chance that you land on an overqualified resume.  Instead of passing those resumes up focus on what this overqualified person on the resume can do for your company.  Read their resume and focus on the benefits.  Sample questions to ask are the following:  Are they qualified enough to mentor staff members?  Do they know enough people to strengthen the company?  Can they represent a piece of the business that lacks in sales or growth?  Making a list for each candidate will help you decide which ones is the best fit for the company moving forward.

If you decide, after reading resumes, that some overqualified candidates deserve an interview be honest to them.  Inform them about the job in detail and expectations they have to meet.  You can easily mesh two job listings that the overqualified candidate can do that truly fit them professionally. 

You can also alter job descriptions or add special projects to make sure the potential candidate chooses them for the long haul.  Next tell them about the pay rate.  Never give an overqualified candidate less then they deserve.  Instead tweak the pay rate to make it higher than initially listed or give them an opportunity to apply for a future promotion.  Give the candidate time to think about it if they cannot make a final decision.  One or two days are a good length of time.  Be sure to tell them that you're looking for a person who will stay with the company for a long time not for a short term.

It's a risk hiring a qualified candidate.  Sometimes a qualified candidate is a risk worth taking.  Make the leap and contact us for more information on online resumes searching and finding the right one.

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