Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Mistakes Employers Make When Trying to Find Candidates

Anyone who has ever had a hand in recruiting applicants for employment understands how difficult it sometimes can be. It’s important to select job candidates who have the required experience, education, and skills to do the job.

However, in their enthusiasm to find candidates, sometimes employers discount applicants who they don’t feel are the perfect match. That can lead them to make one of these three mistakes.

Overlook Suitable Skills because of Job Title

In this recent CBS post, the Evil HR Lady Suzanne Lucas responds to a reader who has the responsibilities of human resources, but not the job title. In talking with her current employer as well as potential new employers, she has found that the lack of title is inhibiting her ability to move from a secretarial role.

By merely looking at someone’s job title and not their job duties, recruiters are apt to overlook someone who has suitable skills, but hasn’t been given the chance to apply their abilities to the right situation. Someone hoping to get out of this dilemma is not only likely to be forever grateful to the company that provides them their big break (think loyalty), but may be more willing to negotiate salary in exchange for the chance.

Discount Quality Candidates that are Trainable

Related to the first mistake mentioned above is when a potential candidate gets a pass because they have less experience than desired or are missing one skill set.

Part of developing job descriptions and job postings is determining the number of years and types of experiences someone needs to perform a job successfully. It’s rarely a scientific process. Therefore, some flexibility is in order. The same is true when applying the desired qualifications to each candidate’s resume.

Hiring someone who has less than the requested years of experience or is shy one skill set can be a mistake, especially if that person brings other qualities to the table. Offering an opportunity and some training can often net an employer a great employee.

Leave Jobs Unfilled Looking for the Perfect Candidate 

Finally, one of the most egregious mistakes that an employer can make is leaving a job unfilled for an extensive length of time because they are trying to find the perfect candidate.

Yes, it is important to find someone who fits with the organization and has the necessary skill sets to perform successfully. However, it’s important to find the proper amount of balance between seeking perfection and wasting time.

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