Friday, April 25, 2014

2013 Online Recruiting Report Released

Last year, online recruiting took a huge turn, as reported by the Research and Markets recent press release. The report covered a number of different topics, including the preferred recruiting sources for top American companies. Titled, "US Online Recruitment Market - 2013 Report", it revealed a number of up and coming trends for recruiters heading into 2014.

One trend on the upswing in online recruiting is the mobile unit. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, more recruiters are using these devices to post jobs because more job seekers are paying attention. The overall recruiting market is witnessing an overall increase in the number of job applicants using a mobile device. Naturally, companies and recruiters need to follow suit and tailor their job postings to fit onto the smaller screens.

Social media is another growing trend in online recruiting. In fact, it is one of the major drivers in recruiting for 2013, with the trend expected to continue into the new year. This recruitment method is cost effective and offers recruiters a wider pool of potential candidates. Recruiters have more candidate information at their fingertips for one low, or non-existent, yearly cost. This is driving recruiters to sites such as LinkedIn in droves.

There are challenges to the system, however. Technology moves at the speed of light and security is a major concern. Confidentiality isn't always on par with online recruiting either, and job seekers are noticing the trend. Heading into 2014, job seekers might shy away from online recruiting if security and confidentiality issues aren't addressed, according to this report.

Online recruiting is secure in its most basic uses, but it does come with its downfalls. As recruiters move their searches to the Internet, they need to step up their systems of security and practice strict confidentiality to attract the best talent to their company. The talent is out there; it's only a matter of helping job seekers trust the online forums used to cultivate their skills.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Choosing the Correct Type of Interview Questions

Employers have to screen possible candidates for the latest job opening. Job interviews are custom for a new job or advancement within the company. According to your company, what questions should you ask candidates during the interview?  Human resources are responsible for performing the interview process, so choosing the interview questions is very important.  This is going to decide who joins the company.  You have two choices: the standard questions or oddball ones.

Standard questions are common interview questions most companies use.  What human resources have to do is listen to the answers and watch their body language.  There are plenty of questions to select.  The downside of this is candidates can access common interview questions online.  They can prepare the best answers to please the ear just to land the job.  The good news for you is that you are expecting this.  You have the power of choosing which questions to ask and in what order.  You can weed out the ones that give generic answers without showing their personality.

Thinking outside the box and asking unorthodox questions will throw candidates off guard.  They have to think on their feet if they want the job.  Check out their answers and mannerisms during the interview.  Math questions, personal struggles, songs, recipes and completing a task on the spot are examples of how zany the questions can be.  The downside of the method is the time it takes to conjure an oddball question.  The questions have to connect to the job.  However, it will be worth it in the end.  This type of interview is great for job openings related to problem-solvers and thinking on your feet.

A combination of both is a good idea.  You can use the standard questions as warm-ups to the oddball ones, vice versa or a mix and match.  They'll be prepared for the standard questions and won't see the oddball questions coming.  You'll know which candidates to eliminate with this process.

Don't go too far in the interview.  Asking questions that doesn't pertain to the job is illegal.  There is a line hiring mangers cannot cross.  Evaluate the questions before the round of interviews begin and make sure the HR representative doesn't have a history of being too assertive.

Take your time choosing a candidate.  You don't want to hire someone just to fire them and rehire for the same position.  Contact us for more information.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strategic Reasons Why Staffing Agencies are Necessary for Your Company

Staffing agencies is another way to search for permanent workers.  Along with the obvious reasons - filling vacancies between employees, adding workers during seasonal time, and giving overworked employees relief - temporary services help companies in other ways.  Three reasons why a staffing or temporary service is necessary are below.

Temporary services occupy people from every industry.  You can find the right person for the project; all it takes is research.  The candidate offer specialized experience that your employees don't possess.  You can get the project done today without hiring a permanent employee.  It's great for companies whose finances are struggling.

Employees in staffing services offer a fresh perspective to situations.  Current workers in the company have gone stale with ideas or refusing to think outside the box.  Companies that crave a different angle will hire an employee from a temporary agency for those innovative ideas.  If you do decide to hire the person, that person will bring fresh ideas to the fold.  Their experience may be just the thing you're looking for.

If you do choose to find candidates, a temporary service worker is a great solution.  You've seen the resume and saw the work ethic in person.  You had time to interact with them for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.  You know how they interact with customers, management and other employees.  If this person is a great fit, you can hire them straight from the temporary service to your business. It's easier for companies to hire someone they know and feel comfortable with than hiring someone based a resume; you have more information to go on.  That's why networking is so popular.

Staffing or temporary services are a great opportunity to try someone out before you hire them.  Staffing agencies are also good to fill up the work staff quickly during high traffic and seasonal periods.  Don't ditch the online recruiting tool and searching for the perfect online resume for staffing services.  Add this trick with online recruiting tools and resume searching to find the best candidates for your company.  Contact us for more information.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Online Recruiting Can Be Made Easier With Jobvertise


Online Recruiting can become a lot easier when a company is aware of the tools available at  There are job alerts that an employee can sign up for on the site.  You want to be able to go through a very simple process when you are searching for jobs.  The fact that all you have to do to get these job alerts is go to Jobvertise and type in your e-mail address once you find the job alerts link.

Employers want to find employees that match a certain skill set.  If you are hiring for a daycare, you definitely want to hire someone that is comfortable working with kids.  You have to make sure that the employee is honest in their answer and is willing to go through a background check if they hope to work for a daycare. definitely provides you with some great candidates to fill jobs.

Human Resources
Human resources professionals have definite goals that needs to be met.  You may have a certain number of positions available and only a limited number of days to fill them in.  Jobvertise can even help you set up a Jobs page for your firm so you can lay out all available jobs and get them filled within a certain date.

The reach of Jobvertise is quite impressive.  The truth of the matter is that you can reach out to international applicants if you are an employer that is using the site.  It can be very good for a firm to reach out to international applicants, it can be a very good thing to reach out to people with global knowledge.  A company that is prepared with the right staff can also reach out to members on a global basis.  Companies that find employees through Jobvertise/online recruiting are going to be satisfied. If your firm needs assistance with the hiring process, please contact us