Friday, April 18, 2014

Choosing the Correct Type of Interview Questions

Employers have to screen possible candidates for the latest job opening. Job interviews are custom for a new job or advancement within the company. According to your company, what questions should you ask candidates during the interview?  Human resources are responsible for performing the interview process, so choosing the interview questions is very important.  This is going to decide who joins the company.  You have two choices: the standard questions or oddball ones.

Standard questions are common interview questions most companies use.  What human resources have to do is listen to the answers and watch their body language.  There are plenty of questions to select.  The downside of this is candidates can access common interview questions online.  They can prepare the best answers to please the ear just to land the job.  The good news for you is that you are expecting this.  You have the power of choosing which questions to ask and in what order.  You can weed out the ones that give generic answers without showing their personality.

Thinking outside the box and asking unorthodox questions will throw candidates off guard.  They have to think on their feet if they want the job.  Check out their answers and mannerisms during the interview.  Math questions, personal struggles, songs, recipes and completing a task on the spot are examples of how zany the questions can be.  The downside of the method is the time it takes to conjure an oddball question.  The questions have to connect to the job.  However, it will be worth it in the end.  This type of interview is great for job openings related to problem-solvers and thinking on your feet.

A combination of both is a good idea.  You can use the standard questions as warm-ups to the oddball ones, vice versa or a mix and match.  They'll be prepared for the standard questions and won't see the oddball questions coming.  You'll know which candidates to eliminate with this process.

Don't go too far in the interview.  Asking questions that doesn't pertain to the job is illegal.  There is a line hiring mangers cannot cross.  Evaluate the questions before the round of interviews begin and make sure the HR representative doesn't have a history of being too assertive.

Take your time choosing a candidate.  You don't want to hire someone just to fire them and rehire for the same position.  Contact us for more information.

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