Monday, November 24, 2014

Jobvertise makes home page mobile friendly

The Jobvertise home page is now mobile friendly and easier to navigate. We added time saving drop down menus and a more prominent job search box. 

The home page is easily viewable on most smartphone devices encouraging more job searches and ultimately more applications. The same layout is also visible on larger screens giving consistent navigation and feel.

In general, we cleaned up the home page and have completed the job search results page. We are working on the second level pages next and will roll those out when they are ready. We are excited about this facelift and also supporting mobile devices!

The Jobvertise Team

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jobvertise Earns BBB Accreditation with A+ Rating

RIVERWOODS, IL August 16, 2014 - Jobvertise is pleased to announce that it has met the Better Business Bureau (BBB) standards and is an Accredited Business. Accreditation is by invitation only and must be reviewed and approved by the BBB board of directors.

Jobvertise, Inc., Advertising Agencies & Counselors, Riverwoods, ILJobvertise is committed to the BBB Code of Business Practices which is a set of procedures, policies, and best practices on how consumers are treated. Building trust, integrity, honest advertising, and truthfulness are the essence of the standards for the BBB Code.

"Jobvertise's accredidation with the BBB and A+ rating is a way to communicate our commitment and positive relationships with our current and future customers" said Sam Roseman, CEO of Jobvertise.

Jobvertise is a 17 year old company offering recruiters and employers cost effective online solutions for recruitement, sourcing, and talent acquisition.

For more information please contact us.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Jobvertise Partnerships

We have been busy at Jobvertise forming partnerships and delivering the best content and user experience to employers and jobseekers.

For jobseekers, we now have access to millions of jobs in almost every country. Jobvertise is quickly becoming the one-stop destination for jobseekers who want access to the freshest jobs. We have also entered into partnerships with TopUSAJobs and SuccessFactors, broadening our job listings.

For employers, we now have over one million resumes and growing. Our basic searching is always free and we offer cost effective premium accounts. Our latest partnership with Mitula gives addtitional exposure to job advertisements. Mitula carries domestic jobs and also gives international jobs great visibility.

If you would like to become a partner for either receiving or submitting jobs please contact us.

The Jobvertise Team

Friday, July 4, 2014

Free Resume Database Can Help Staff Satellite Offices in Canada

Your USA based import/export business is doing exceedingly well. Now you’re at the point where it’s necessary to open satellite offices in several Canadian provinces. How are you going to find the experienced staff needed to man those new outposts? If you don’t mind us saying, we’d suggest utilizing our free resume database.

Our free resume database contains more than just American job seekers. You’ll also find employment information for qualified, Canadian job seekers and overseas candidates as well. So you can be ready when your firm finally decides to expand to the Pacific Rim or some other International trading zone too.

To use the free resume database, simply log onto Jobvertise and click the Canada Resume Search link. Once there, type in your keywords, city or zip and select a Canadian Province from the drop-down menu. Then hit the “Search Resumes” button and get to work finding the right employees for those satellite offices. If you don’t have the time to devote to searching each province individually, consider upgrading to a premium plan.

At Jobvertise, our premium plans have a resume alert feature. Thus, while you are actively searching for people to fill open positions in Ontario, you can make arrangements to receive e-mails identifying candidates that may be able to fill your firm’s New Brunswick and Nova Scotia satellite offices. Then, when you’re ready, you can use those e-mail alerts to start making contact with the cream of the crop in those two providences.

The other great thing about our service is that you can post batch job openings and create job pages for each of your firm’s satellite offices too. It’s all part of our suite of helpful, human resource tools. To learn more about them and how to start using our free resume database to staff all of your company’s satellite offices, please contact us today.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Free Resumes for Employers Seeking Data Entry Keyers

It’s no secret that today’s businesses thrive on data, and a lot of it! So there is never a shortage of open data entry keyer positions available in the world’s busiest economic zones. But how does a business find the best data keyers for the multitude of crucial tasks at hand? We’d recommend starting with our online human resource tool. It includes access to free resumes for employers.

At Jobvertise, we consistently receive resumes from experienced and hopeful data entry keyers from around the world. All of those resumes are placed by those individuals into our Jobvertise database, which is currently 1 million+ strong. Accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, it is the best place for employers to go when they need good data entry help, fast.

Like so many of our online human resource tool’s features, it’s completely free to use. And we offer premium add-ons for modest fees too. The list of beneficial, premium resume search plan features for companies in need of data entry help is quite extensive. For instance, let’s say that data entry help is needed at a large, international firm with 100+ locations and 50+ divisions. And on average, each division typically needs 250 new employees every summer to handle an influx of seasonal orders.

Well, with our online tool, Human Resource Department Managers at each of the company’s 50+ divisions could share one login and collectively search 300 data entry keyers’ resumes per day! In addition, they’d be given priority access during peak search times and have opportunities to bypass old resumes and focus on the newly posted ones.

When viewing the data entry keyers’ resumes, those same managers would also be able to see all of the candidate’s contact information so they could reach out to the best ones as soon as possible. And given how crucial having the right data entry team is to so many different industries, that’s truly a phenomenal plus. To learn more about these resume search plan benefits and others, please contact us today.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Search Resumes: Finding The Right Applicant The Easy Way

There was once a day when finding a new hire meant putting out an ad in the paper and waiting for the right person to notice it and come calling. No longer is this amount of waiting and chance necessary. Now, the applicant market is much deeper, and it is a lot easier to just search resumes and find the people that can do the work you need done.

Using Metrics
When searching for new employees, a business owner can go take a look at whatever qualifications they might consider to be important. It is a lot easier to simply type in a search for particular criteria than it is to wait and hope that someone who comes to interview has the qualities you are looking for. The job seekers on the website will post all of the information that you need to know about them right on the site
Broaden Your Search
A resume search site is great because it allows the user to broaden his or her horizons in terms of where they might get their employees. It creates a larger pool for them to select from, and this in turn adds more diversity to the workplace and helps improve the quality of employees who are selected. That in and of itself is a good reason to switch over to the resume search websites.

Contact Potential Hires
When a business reaches out and contacts someone who has put their resume on a search site, there is a good chance that the potential hire will at least contact the business back. Many will accept an interview if one is offered to them, and some will accept a job offer if they are able to get to that point.
Contact us for more information on the usefulness of a resume search website.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Search Resumes for Free and Find Qualified Landscaping Staff

It is estimated that more than 75% of Americans turn towards landscaping companies in search of the perfect lawn and garden. Some choose to seek professional help because they don’t have the personal resources to get the job done right and others just prefer to utilize their resources elsewhere. Regardless of consumers’ reasoning, it is clear that now is the peak time for landing lawn and garden care jobs. And if your landscaping firm is hoping to make the most of the season, be sure to stop by Jobvertise and search resumes for free.

At Jobvertise, we maintain an international database that contains the resumes of 1 million+ qualified people actively seeking employment in a wide range of fields. Of course one of those fields is landscaping. Thus, at any given moment of the day or night, you may find qualified people to serve as the following team players:
  • Landscape supervisors, foreman and project directors
  • Core aeration technicians and artificial turf installers
  • Landscape crew members and crew leaders
  • Lawn and garden pest control technicians
  • Commercial mowers and hardscapers
  • Research agricultural technicians
  • Gardeners and nursery managers
  • Landscape architectural designers
In addition to passively searching for landscaping staff, employers are also welcome to make use of our recruiting services. They include the ability to post landscaping related help wanted ads and set-up a personalized jobs page. For start-up, small and moderate size landscaping companies, such services can really prove to be invaluable. That’s because they reduce the need for having to pay for, post and keep track of landscaping help wanted listings across multiple venues.

To learn more about using our database to search for new members of your seasonal landscaping team, please contact us. Our recruiting experts would love to help you staff your landscaping company for the summer season and well beyond.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Your Top Performers Should Interview Candidates from our Free Resume Database

Our free resume database makes it easier to find qualified candidates for any position, but you still need to find the right people to interview them. These are 5 good reasons to give your top performers a role in the selection process at your company.

Once you pick out the candidates you're going to bring in for an interview, include your top performers in the panel or give them a chance to talk one-on-one with each person prior to making any hiring decision. Consider the value your star employees bring to the table:

Focusing on results rather than qualifications: A high achiever probably wants to see if a team member can increase sales, improve quality, speed up delivery or make progress toward other goals. They're less likely to spend time worrying about a candidate's exact number of years of experience or past GPA.

Spotting potential: Of course, qualifications may be the easiest thing for many people to measure. Top performers are better positioned to recognize what a recent graduate or career changer is capable of.

Assessing accomplishments: There's considerable pressure on job hunters to inflate their resumes. An employee with firsthand experience can delve into details and tell what's realistic and relevant.

Discussing obstacles: Even if the candidate pulled off miracles in their last job, you'll be introducing them into new terrain. Your employee can point out the unique challenges as they see them.

Demonstrating high energy: Different industries require different qualities, but high energy levels are one thing most stellar employees have in common. Look for a candidate who matches the enthusiasm and engagement you find in your best team members.

Our customers say that Jobvertise delivers better results than the higher priced resume sites. Contact us today to search 1 million resumes free or discuss a customized plan for you.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Search Resumes Online So Your Next Hire Doesn't Look Just Like You

Do you search resumes like you're looking for a friend or for an employee? It's natural to gravitate towards people who seem like us and make us feel comfortable. On the other hand, online job databases and other resources can help your company grow by extending your horizons.
Some of the reasons people give for screening out resumes are downright puzzling. Cultural fit matters, but there's no reason a candidate can't be an excellent computer programmer and play tournament bridge. Think about it. You probably wouldn't lose any sleep if you spotted a top performer in your department carrying around a book about card games. It doesn't make any sense to dismiss people because their hobbies or birth places are different from your own.
In fact, there are many advantages to going beyond your network to make your next hire:

Fill in competency gaps: Think about your company's strengths and weaknesses when you're filling any position. This may be a chance to bring someone on board who has valuable certifications and licenses. Maybe you have plenty of talented writers and you need someone who is good with numbers.

Gain fresh perspectives: One reason we're attracted to people who seem familiar is because they're likely to want to fit in and please us. On the other hand, we grow more when our thinking is challenged. Conflicts can make a team perform better as long as people treat each other with respect.

Reach new customers: Welcome employees with different backgrounds and experiences. They may help you to break into new markets.

Of course, it takes work to make a diverse team gel. Select managers who know how to make each individual feel valued and give their best efforts. During recruitment, focus on a candidate's character, communication style and interpersonal skills.

Employers and recruiters can search more than 1 million resumes for free at Jobvertise. Contact us to learn more about our free services and premium plans.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Job Hunting Via Online Recruiting

You’ve been looking for a job but you haven’t found anything yet and your attention span is starting to slip. Things are not as easy as they used to be. Five to ten years ago, there were only a handful of websites that focused on job searches. There were headhunters knocking down candidate’s doors and the interview process was usually relatively quick. But times have changed.

Now there is considerable legwork required to fins a new job. Gone are the days when you could call a headhunter and have them do the searching for you. Now the onus is on you. So, how do you stay focused on your job search to find a new job? Here are some tips and tricks:

Research With so many online recruiting websites out there claiming to have the newest jobs posted and the most relevant data to help you decide on a position, it can be difficult to determine which site is reputable. Figuring it all out requires research and patience. Here are some important things to consider when selecting a job search website:

Diversify You don’t have to choose just one website for your job search. Try several. In this way, your resume is available to a wider range of businesses.
Know Your Source
There are traditional job board sites where companies list jobs directly, job sites that pull available jobs from multiple job boards, and niche boards that focus on specific positions or skill sets. Educate yourself so you know what to expect from the results. In a word: research!
Schedule Conducting a job search is very much like working. You must be diligent and proactive to find success. It is important that you practice effective time management as you conduct your searches.
  • Allocate time to create and tweak your resume – Your resume is the first thing that employers see. Putting your best foot forward is imperative.
  • Create multiple cover letter templates – It’s important to customize your resume for your audience, however, having a template that is ready to be modified is an excellent way to save time.
  • Conduct thorough searches – Select keywords and tasks that relate to your job experience.
  • Know what is required – Be sure you understand what the employer wants from job candidates
  • Set up alerts to let you know when jobs that match your skill set are available.
  • Network with people on social media sites geared toward business interests like LinkedIn. They may have opportunities available that are not on the job boards.
All of these things take time to do, but with proper planning they can be accomplished in a matter of hours each day.

Change Your Scenery If sitting in front of the computer and looking for jobs is starting to frustrate you, print copies of your resume and walk them in to businesses. Network with people that are in your industry in person as opposed to online.

Allow Yourself Some Downtime Sitting in front of the computer all day will tire anyone out. Let yourself get up and stretch, take a short walk, or grab something to eat.   Read an unrelated article for a change of pace. Once you feel rejuvenated, get back to it!

Looking for a job is tough. It is time consuming and can be daunting but with perseverance, you can get through. Contact us to learn about your next steps!

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Power of Online Recruiting Tools.

The technologies introduced by the internet have made job hunting easier and more accessible than any time in history. What used to a cumbersome task that required one to create resumes, search for prospective employers in the yellow pages and cold call business -- among many other inconveniences -- now requires little more than a cup of coffee, some time and a lot of patience.

Online recruiting tools make the job hunting task for employers easier as well. By having access to a database of potential job candidates, along with their associated information -- such as their resumes, social media account handles and perhaps photos -- they no longer have to be inconvenienced with meeting one person after another simply based on what they see in the persons resume.

Since online recruiting removes most of the face-to-face contact that used to be a staple of the job search, some things employers should look out for when screening potential applicants are:

1. The format of their resume
With the countless amounts of resume templates available, there is no excuse for a person to have one that is not formatted appropriately because it indicates a lack of an ability to pay attention to detail.

2. Always look at public facing social media accounts
More can be told about a person from their social media interactions than by even meeting them. In general, the way a person conducts themselves on social media networks is highly indicative of how they would conduct themselves in the work place.

If you are looking for a job or for someone to fill a job and want to use the best online recruiting tools in the process, feel free to contact us to get you started today!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Online Recruiting for Companies in Locations That Are Hard to Sell

When you are engaged in online recruiting, your candidates could be coming from anywhere in the world. How do you get people excited about a possible move from Paris or Hawaii to a community that is harder to sell?

Start out locally: If you can fill the vacant position with a candidate who already lives nearby you may not even have to address the issue. Of course, this may also save you money in relocation expenses and help you schedule an earlier start date.

Personalize your approach: The good news is that there may be plenty of people out there who appreciate your community more than any popular tourist destination. Places without a lot of nightlife may be attractive to a parent who cares more about quality schools and affordable home prices. A remote location and mild weather may suit the athlete who wants to run outdoors all year. An arts lover may be enchanted by an older city whose population is declining if there’s still charming architecture and a stellar art museum and orchestra.

Consider splitting time between two cities: In recent years, there has been a big increase in people who call more than one place home on an extended basis. The logistics are challenging, but the rewards may be worth it for some candidates. If circumstances permit, you may want to let them try out the commute before making a final commitment.

Discuss the timeline: Staying in a place for one year is different from making a permanent move. Maybe you need specialized talent for a short term contract. By stating that at the outset you can attract candidates who are willing to make an interim move while they pursue other longer term prospects.

Search 1 million resumes free at Jobvertise. Employers and recruiters can contact us to post jobs free and get a free jobs page to put on your website.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Free Resume Search: The Hunt For Better Candidates

Businesses sometimes have to search out candidates for various jobs in a hurry. It could be that there is a position that needs to be filled, and they are at a loss for who to put in that role. If that is the case, a free resume search can help them identify potential candidates for hire quite easily.

Locate Candidates Quickly
Those searching through resumes will enjoy the fact that they are able to locate the candidates they are looking for quickly and easily with customized searches. Customized searches allow for resume screening. It means that people who are in the local area and could actually fill the position can be found. Other criteria can be used to screen through candidates. Perhaps you are only interested in those with a college degree. If so, you can screen out those who do not have one easily.

Check Resumes Before An Interview
Before asking a candidate to come in for an interview it is possible to review their entire resume. You may want to note the things that you have questions about within their resume. It is a good way to prepare for a candidate before they are ever in your office doing an interview with you. Many business owners find this to be a great benefit to interviewing candidates.

Review What The Talent Base Is
Sometimes it is a benefit to simply look at the total base of talent available in the workforce at a given time. It can help you compare what your workforce level of talent is compared to what the talent of the general public is. This may help lead you to make some decisions about your personnel in general.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about a free resume search.

Friday, April 25, 2014

2013 Online Recruiting Report Released

Last year, online recruiting took a huge turn, as reported by the Research and Markets recent press release. The report covered a number of different topics, including the preferred recruiting sources for top American companies. Titled, "US Online Recruitment Market - 2013 Report", it revealed a number of up and coming trends for recruiters heading into 2014.

One trend on the upswing in online recruiting is the mobile unit. Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, more recruiters are using these devices to post jobs because more job seekers are paying attention. The overall recruiting market is witnessing an overall increase in the number of job applicants using a mobile device. Naturally, companies and recruiters need to follow suit and tailor their job postings to fit onto the smaller screens.

Social media is another growing trend in online recruiting. In fact, it is one of the major drivers in recruiting for 2013, with the trend expected to continue into the new year. This recruitment method is cost effective and offers recruiters a wider pool of potential candidates. Recruiters have more candidate information at their fingertips for one low, or non-existent, yearly cost. This is driving recruiters to sites such as LinkedIn in droves.

There are challenges to the system, however. Technology moves at the speed of light and security is a major concern. Confidentiality isn't always on par with online recruiting either, and job seekers are noticing the trend. Heading into 2014, job seekers might shy away from online recruiting if security and confidentiality issues aren't addressed, according to this report.

Online recruiting is secure in its most basic uses, but it does come with its downfalls. As recruiters move their searches to the Internet, they need to step up their systems of security and practice strict confidentiality to attract the best talent to their company. The talent is out there; it's only a matter of helping job seekers trust the online forums used to cultivate their skills.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.
WRITER'S NOTE: Report found here:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Choosing the Correct Type of Interview Questions

Employers have to screen possible candidates for the latest job opening. Job interviews are custom for a new job or advancement within the company. According to your company, what questions should you ask candidates during the interview?  Human resources are responsible for performing the interview process, so choosing the interview questions is very important.  This is going to decide who joins the company.  You have two choices: the standard questions or oddball ones.

Standard questions are common interview questions most companies use.  What human resources have to do is listen to the answers and watch their body language.  There are plenty of questions to select.  The downside of this is candidates can access common interview questions online.  They can prepare the best answers to please the ear just to land the job.  The good news for you is that you are expecting this.  You have the power of choosing which questions to ask and in what order.  You can weed out the ones that give generic answers without showing their personality.

Thinking outside the box and asking unorthodox questions will throw candidates off guard.  They have to think on their feet if they want the job.  Check out their answers and mannerisms during the interview.  Math questions, personal struggles, songs, recipes and completing a task on the spot are examples of how zany the questions can be.  The downside of the method is the time it takes to conjure an oddball question.  The questions have to connect to the job.  However, it will be worth it in the end.  This type of interview is great for job openings related to problem-solvers and thinking on your feet.

A combination of both is a good idea.  You can use the standard questions as warm-ups to the oddball ones, vice versa or a mix and match.  They'll be prepared for the standard questions and won't see the oddball questions coming.  You'll know which candidates to eliminate with this process.

Don't go too far in the interview.  Asking questions that doesn't pertain to the job is illegal.  There is a line hiring mangers cannot cross.  Evaluate the questions before the round of interviews begin and make sure the HR representative doesn't have a history of being too assertive.

Take your time choosing a candidate.  You don't want to hire someone just to fire them and rehire for the same position.  Contact us for more information.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strategic Reasons Why Staffing Agencies are Necessary for Your Company

Staffing agencies is another way to search for permanent workers.  Along with the obvious reasons - filling vacancies between employees, adding workers during seasonal time, and giving overworked employees relief - temporary services help companies in other ways.  Three reasons why a staffing or temporary service is necessary are below.

Temporary services occupy people from every industry.  You can find the right person for the project; all it takes is research.  The candidate offer specialized experience that your employees don't possess.  You can get the project done today without hiring a permanent employee.  It's great for companies whose finances are struggling.

Employees in staffing services offer a fresh perspective to situations.  Current workers in the company have gone stale with ideas or refusing to think outside the box.  Companies that crave a different angle will hire an employee from a temporary agency for those innovative ideas.  If you do decide to hire the person, that person will bring fresh ideas to the fold.  Their experience may be just the thing you're looking for.

If you do choose to find candidates, a temporary service worker is a great solution.  You've seen the resume and saw the work ethic in person.  You had time to interact with them for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.  You know how they interact with customers, management and other employees.  If this person is a great fit, you can hire them straight from the temporary service to your business. It's easier for companies to hire someone they know and feel comfortable with than hiring someone based a resume; you have more information to go on.  That's why networking is so popular.

Staffing or temporary services are a great opportunity to try someone out before you hire them.  Staffing agencies are also good to fill up the work staff quickly during high traffic and seasonal periods.  Don't ditch the online recruiting tool and searching for the perfect online resume for staffing services.  Add this trick with online recruiting tools and resume searching to find the best candidates for your company.  Contact us for more information.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Online Recruiting Can Be Made Easier With Jobvertise


Online Recruiting can become a lot easier when a company is aware of the tools available at  There are job alerts that an employee can sign up for on the site.  You want to be able to go through a very simple process when you are searching for jobs.  The fact that all you have to do to get these job alerts is go to Jobvertise and type in your e-mail address once you find the job alerts link.

Employers want to find employees that match a certain skill set.  If you are hiring for a daycare, you definitely want to hire someone that is comfortable working with kids.  You have to make sure that the employee is honest in their answer and is willing to go through a background check if they hope to work for a daycare. definitely provides you with some great candidates to fill jobs.

Human Resources
Human resources professionals have definite goals that needs to be met.  You may have a certain number of positions available and only a limited number of days to fill them in.  Jobvertise can even help you set up a Jobs page for your firm so you can lay out all available jobs and get them filled within a certain date.

The reach of Jobvertise is quite impressive.  The truth of the matter is that you can reach out to international applicants if you are an employer that is using the site.  It can be very good for a firm to reach out to international applicants, it can be a very good thing to reach out to people with global knowledge.  A company that is prepared with the right staff can also reach out to members on a global basis.  Companies that find employees through Jobvertise/online recruiting are going to be satisfied. If your firm needs assistance with the hiring process, please contact us

Friday, March 28, 2014

Human Resource Teams Love To Search Resumes Free

Resume Search
It is helpful for a company to search resumes free.  Can you get a clear picture of who a candidate is before you actually have a face to face interview with?  Yes, you can have a good idea of who people are; particularly if they took the time to post their resume on
Do you have a large number of listings to post in order to attract different employees? can be a great place to go if you are a human resources director that wants to set up a jobs page for you, a jobs page where you can post all of the listings that you need.  You can even post a bulk number of items within each department.  

If a human resources department has a large number of listings to post, then it makes sense to search resumes free.  The concept of looking at resumes for free gives you the chance to save money within your human resources budget.  A company can now spend more money on important research and development projects because of the money that has been able to save them. Jobvertise is an effective way of advertising the positions that you need to make sure they are filled up and filled up quickly.

Management Firms
A management firm that has come in to run a hospital should make sure that new jobs tied to that hospitals are posted on a great source like Jobvertise.  You can attract some great medical professionals by posting the hospital listings on such a great site.

The medical professionals can view the opportunity to work at the hospital as a great, new opportunity.  The management firm can find the kind of people that they need in order to make sure patients are truly comfortable with that hospital.

When you are ready to do some hiring, do not hesitate to contact us at

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Best Human Resources Tool Can Make Your Company Stronger

Companies enjoy the opportunity to draw a wide variety of candidates.  You want to be able to find a great swath of candidates that can end up growing your company in the exact way that you want it to grow.  You can search international resumes on Jobvertise.  The international resumes that you can find on Jobvertise allow you the chance to find candidates that truly know how to communicate with people all over the world.

A great human resources tool can let you know how to search for different Canadian resumes.  The process of oil exploration can become easier if you find great candidates from Canada that truly know how to drill for different mineral resources.  You can find a lot of people with a vast amount of experience on  Experience is what needs to be laid out on a resume and the best resumes out there are something that can also lay out a proper skill set that would be necessary for a given job.

Consultants are able to post their resume on  If a consultant is having trouble landing a gig then the process of posting something on Jobvertise can end up helping those consultants.  Consultants do great work and they need a great jobs site where human resources people can find them.

The best consultants out there can work in order to change the world of healthcare when they are trying to set things up properly.  Choices have to be made when you are starting a company.  The selection of the right people can make a big difference when it comes to the overall innovation that is set up within a company.  If you want to be able to run a human resources department correctly, do not hesitate to contact us at Jobvertise.

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Free Company Jobs Page Can Help Companies Find The Right Employees

A good company jobs page can give confidence to employers and potential employees.  The job listings that are a part of a page can be quite accurate and really help people find the right kind of employee.  Employment opportunities are there, employers just need a chance to find the right people.

A free company jobs page can be placed on your site in order to meet all of your hiring needs.  How can you find a good consultant in order to help you build a company and make sure it lasts for an extended period of time? You can use Jobvertise in order to check out some of the best resumes available in both Canada and the United States.

Why does Jobvertise work so well for companies?  Because if you have large human resources department or multiple departments then you can put a bulk number of jobs.  It can be very easy to reset your password, if you happen to lose your password after forming an account on Jobvertise.

Resumes are something that a human resources department can spend hours going through everyday.  Jobvertise  is great because you will see all of the best resumes in one specific space.  Jobveritse can also help you set up Resume Search Plans in order to make sure that a company can be truly prepared to hire the right people.

Skills and experience are going to play a large role in a resume.  A potential employee can make regular edits to their resume on Jobvertise.  It is very easy to upload those edits and that new resume on the site.   Resume sites are a great place to organize your thoughts.

A jobseeker gets the chance to showcase themselves to potential employers.  Potential employers are going to look for good clerical skills and potentially positive feedback that they see on their resume.
It does not matter whether you are an employee or an employer, you should contact us in order to learn how our services can help you.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Human Resources & Resume Research Can Be Beneficial For A Company

Human Resources

The best human resources professionals are going to use in order to find the greatest professionals out there that will work well for their company.   You want to be able to find people that are truly going to focus on the needs of your company   Human resources professionals can sift through resumes in both Canada and the United States.


Employers are able to check out the free resume database once they take the time to create an account and login to the site.  A company can spend all day trying to find the best employees that they need.


A company can use bulk importing in order to post a large number of jobs on Jobvertise.  The bulk importation of job postings can do a lot of good for your company if you hope to do a lot of quick hiring in the future.

Jobs Page

The team at Jobvertise can even help you set up a Jobs page that can be oriented into your own website.  The Jobvertise Jobs Page that can be created for you would work well because the Jobs site can look exactly like your base webpage, in other words the Jobs Page can be properly integrated into the core of your current site.


Employees should know that actual, legit employers post positions on the site.  A lot of employers may have several human resources departments and each of those given departments can post listings on the site.  Basic resume searching and posting should be free.  The team at Jobvertise realizes that this should be free, unlike many other job hosting sites.  People are having to struggle through very hard economic times, they should not have to pay for the chance to post their resume.


Jobvertise is a great place to make sure your company stands out.  The website bring credibility to your company because they know we are talking about a quality job searching tool.   If you are a job seeker or an employer, contact us in order to have any questions about Jobvertise answered promptly.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Search Resumes for Free and Finally Conquer Rotating Door Syndrome

We’ve all seen it happen before. A fantastic company suddenly comes down with a bad case of rotating door syndrome or RDS. You know. That’s when a firm’s management can’t seem to keep a position filled for more than six months. The good news is rotating door syndrome doesn’t have to be chronic or fatal.

A company can rid itself of the dreaded problem by having their HR Department log onto Jobvertise and search resumes for free. At Jobvertise, we communicate with job seekers from around the world. So the chances that a firm will find the right talent for their open positions are extremely high.

Of course merely having the ability to search one million resumes for free isn’t all that’s involved in curing RDS. It’s also important to act on the search results quickly. That’s why at Jobvertise, we make it a point to include features that make taking decisive action phenomenally easy. One of those features is the ability to view the applicant’s direct e-mail address.

There is a lot of useful information that HR Department staff can find out from using a job applicant’s e-mail address. For example, if the person responds to a legitimate interview offer or information request with SMS lingo, there’s a good chance that he or she is not well suited for the rigors of an executive level job.

The direct e-mail addresses are not all that our online search tool offers business clients. We also provide them with access to applicants’ phone numbers and resume alerts. They will help cut down on employer response time too.

In addition to being able to search resumes for free, employers hoping to cure RDS should also post great, clear job descriptions and focus on getting the word out to as many people as possible. Our online recruiting tool can help employers do that too. To learn more about how to search resumes for free and end a bad case of RDS, please contact us today.

Friday, February 21, 2014

How Resume Sites Are A Human Resources Tool

It is the role of the human resources department to hire and fire individuals. A great human resources tool that is available are the resume websites that are available.

Why Use This Tool?
The truth is that the job of human resources individuals is not easy. It requires a lot of time, and waiting for people to come in to fill positions may be more time consuming than going out and finding them for yourself. It is best to search through the resumes that people are posting on free resume sites to find those looking for jobs and eliminate the less qualified candidates.

Never Waste Your Own Time
They say that every minute counts in business. No one wants to waste their time, and they certainly don't want those in HR to waste any time either. It may be that the current procedure calls for waiting for outside individuals looking for work to submit applications. This can lead to interviewing a lot of people who are simply not right for the job.
Instead of using up that valuable time on people who are never going to work for the company, why not go to the resume sites to look for people who are serious about getting back to work? That is what more HR departments are doing these days.

Get A More Complete History
When searching through the resume sites, you can see a more full background than what you may be seeing just the resumes that come into the office. You can see how each individual attempts to present themselves, at least on the free resume sites. Suddenly, you start to see just how important these resume sites are. They tend to lead to more knowledge about the applicants ahead of hiring them, and they act as a screening process for new hires.

Contact us for more information on why using free resume sites may be right for you.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Resume Search: A Must Have For Modern Business

The hiring process in business has gone high tech. It has not been necessary for some time now to wait for eligible candidates to come to your place of business looking for a job. You can go and find them. This means having a selection of better candidates in less time. It all starts with a free resume search

Using A Free Resume Search
When search for potential candidates for hire, you are likely looking for a few things. The blog at states that results, relevance, intelligence, and consistency are the most important factors. Specifically on the topic of relevance, encourages job seekers to think about the following:
You could be a new grad or have 30 years of experience in the field – either way, your resume should tell employers that you are current and relevant. Simply put, no one wants to hire an employee who might hold them back.
When using a free resume search tool as an employer, you may want to look for resumes that provide this consistency.

Shorter Waiting Times
Whenever a position needs to be filled, it is nice to have it filled as soon as possible. Other employees may be having to pick up the slack left by an employee no longer with the company, and that means they cannot focus as much on their other work. Having a smaller gap in time between one employee leaving and another being hired to take over their job is just another advantage of the free resume search.

Add Diversity
Having a diverse workplace in all senses of the word is logical. Diversity brings new viewpoints, new backgrounds, and new information to the company. All well run companies will have a diverse workforce helping them grow. Using a free resume search can allow for business owners to select those who might bring diversity to their workforce.

Contact us for more reasons why using a free resume search just makes sense.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Search Resumes To Find The Perfect Employees

Looking for the best possible employees? Any sensible business owner will be. Now with the help of the Internet, it is a lot easier to find the perfect candidates for various positions. You can search resumes to find the type of people that you would like to have working for you.

What Experience Matters To You?
Every position is different and every business owner is different. Some prefer a certain type of candidate while others prefer a different type. A lot of this depends on what personality type and what kind of experience make the most sense for the job they are going to be doing. Instead of waiting for resumes to come into your office, you can search out the resumes that contain the type of experience you are looking for.

Only Review Serious Candidates
Those who take a more hands on approach to their hiring can sometimes eliminate candidates that do not have a serious chance of being hired in the first place. You can search only for those who are going to be of interest to you in the first place. That makes the hiring process a lot easier for you.

Hiring Anytime
When searching for resumes rather than waiting for them, you can begin your next round of hiring whenever a good time for you happens to be. Often job hunters will leave their resumes up on the Internet for the entire length of time that they are looking for work. They may or may not discover your company, but if you search them out, then perhaps a good fit can be made.

Contact us if you would like more information on why you should search out job hunters on your own.  

Friday, January 31, 2014

Human Resources Trends: Engaging the Parents of Candidates

Many human resources managers report that parents are more involved in the hiring process today than ever before. If you want to attract and retain top performers, try reaching out to their mothers and fathers.

Many parents want to have a better understanding of what their professional children do for a living so they can be more effective at providing emotional and moral support. After all, many technology jobs that are common today did not even exist in the recent past. The trend may be especially strong for recent graduates who regard their parents as mentors and sometimes still live at home. However, it is also relevant for older workers who fall into the sandwich generation that is juggling responsibilities for both their children and their aging parents.

Parental involvement offers many benefits. Positive family dynamics help to make workers happier and more productive. Informed parents can serve as ambassadors for your brand and may take more interest in your industry.

Ever since Google held its first Bring Your Parents to Work Day, more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s already common for parents to perform many of the recruiting functions for universities that used to be done by the staff in the admissions office.

There are simple ways your company can get started. Develop communications targeted to parents like a section on your website or Facebook page. Invite people to share their stories about having a family member who works at your company. Try hosting an open house for parents. It may work in your favor when a candidate is considering your job offer or dealing with a sensitive issue on the job.
Employers can quickly post a featured job and search more than 1 million resumes for free at Jobvertise. Contact us to learn more about the world’s largest free job and resume database.

Friday, January 24, 2014

After You Find Candidates, Keep Them on The Job by Avoiding These Mistakes

Even with the help of our site, finding candidates is a major, if necessary, hassle. You need to take time out of your busy day to post an ad, evaluate resumes, call candidates and interview them, and decide on whom to hire. If you want your hard work to pay off, your new employees must be productive as soon as possible and stay with the company a long time. To achieve those goals, avoid these mistakes.
  • Not delegating. There's nobody in the world who can do your job as well as you can, so you continue to do everything. Then what was the point of hiring new employees? They are supposed to help you fulfill their objectives but only if you give them work to do. Explain to them the goals you want them to reach and their schedules, and then allow them to do their jobs. Don't micromanage. Otherwise, you'll be doubling your work when you do your tasks and try to do theirs.
  • Criticizing publicly. The point of constructive criticism is to improve employee performance. The worker listens to what you have to say and with your help, finds ways to address the problem. If you're scolding him in front of everyone else, do you think he's hearing you? Or is he wondering about his own embarrassment and how to get away from you? In addition, the employees within earshot are feeling the same thing. Prevent these negative feelings by critiquing employees privately. Instead, praise him publicly which puts everyone in a congratulatory mood.
  • Being your employees' best friend. Because you may be supervising several employees, you want to treat them in the same way. You can only do that if you see them objectively. If you start being too friendly with someone, can you make tough decisions about him? Can you fire him if he consistently performs below acceptable standards? Conversely, do you give raises to people you like or to the best workers? Try to walk the fine line between maintaining a pleasant working environment and staying the boxx.
Avoiding these issues can ensure that your employees remain motivated to work for you. If you want more information about recruiting the write candidates, please contact us.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Keep Boomerangs in Mind on Your Free Company Jobs Page

When you are looking to fill a position and creating your free company jobs page, do not forget about boomerang hiring. A growing number of companies are welcoming back old employees. Your online search may turn up familiar names that are worth considering.

Many consulting firms have traditionally maintained alumni organizations. Today, that trend has spread. Celestial Seasonings estimates that more than 10% of its workforce are repeat players.

If you want to access your old employees as a source of future candidates, there are many steps you can take. That includes using your job listings to let them know that rehires are welcome Like any hiring decision there are advantages and disadvantages.

The upside of boomerangs is a relatively high return on investment. You already know their skills and whether they are a good fit for the corporate culture. There is also a public relations value. As people change jobs more often, returning may supplement retention as a metric to watch. It says something positive about your company that employees would want to come back.

Of course, there are also factors you want to be cautious about. All candidates should receive equal and objective consideration to find the best person for any vacancy. Examine exit interviews and other sources to identify why the person left and reduce the risk of running into a recurring issue. You also need to consider the impact on current workers, especially those who may have advanced after the candidate’s departure. While rehires have tended to come from voluntary resignations in the past, it may now be worth looking at people whose positions were eliminated for financial reasons as long as everyone is still on good terms.

Employers and recruiters can search more than one million resumes for free at Jobvertise. Contact us to post jobs free and get your free company jobs page for your web site.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Efficient Temporary Staffing with Online Recruiting

There are several advantages of temporary staffing as opposed to fixed full time jobs, especially in today's economy. It may be more convenient to hire a full time staff, but businesses today might not have the budget for that, and instead can only hire workers for a short amount of time. Online recruiting for temporary staffing, however, isn't always straightforward, as different job candidates have different goals and expectations.

A recent Smart Manager article discusses the benefits of temporary staffing. The article explains that the most important aspect of temporary staffing is flexibility, or rather that temporary staffing can be changed and fixed so that it can fit any business' need in any industry. According to the article,  this level of flexibility has made temporary staffing an ideal solution in several industries today:
"For countless organisations, there are many benefits to using temporary staffing.  The most obvious is that you can reduce overall payroll expenses by adding staff only when needed. Companies such as hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues are obvious examples, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Today there are temps in accounting, HR, marketing, logistics, administration and the list goes on - companies in almost every sector can use temps to their advantage."
Just like not all job candidates are alike in their job expectations, not all businesses are alike in their staffing needs. Some businesses have steady revenue streams throughout the year while other businesses have hyper-concentrated busy seasons, and therefore only need employees for a short period of time.

The most important aspect of temporary staffing when it comes to online recruiting is to make sure you and your job candidates are on the same page. Candidates searching for full time jobs should be informed of the temporary nature of the job in a straightforward way. Job candidates searching for a seasonal job however, will be the perfect fit for your company.

If you would like more information about temporary staffing or online recruiting, contact us.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free Resumes for Employers Can Help Employment Numbers Rise

Have you looked at the recent job reports yet? It appears that the employment rate in America is on the rise and that’s good news for the majority of individuals. Businesses that are hiring at the moment tend to be restaurants, hotels, home health care agencies, retail establishments and members of the entertainment industry.

If you happen to be an HR Director in one of those industries, we’ve got a bit of good news for you too. There’s a place where you can go to access free resumes for employers. It’s our site, Jobvertise.

With our complimentary human resource tools, you can fill your firm’s job openings and get Americans back to work even faster than before. Now that’s a win-win scenario for us all!

With your complimentary access, you’ll be able to peruse a maximum of 20 resumes a day. If you have more job openings to fill than one or two, our low priced alternatives may work out better for you. We’ve currently got three paid plans on offer and if you sign up for more than three months, you could enjoy a substantial discount on any one of them. The three plans are known as the Starter, Standard and Pro.

The Pro Plan is clearly the top of the line offering at the moment. It lets subscribers view anywhere from 9,000 to 9,300 resumes a month. Thus, it’s perfect for large companies with many subsidiaries.

The Standard Plan is a step down from our top level offering. It includes a minimum of 3,750 resume views a month as opposed to the Starter Plan’s minimum of 1,500.

Paid and free resume access aren’t our site’s only attractive features. We also offer a variety of amenities with each plan. Among them are resume alert services and free job landing pages. To learn more about them and how they can help you stimulate America’s ongoing job creation efforts, please contact us at Jobvertise today.