Friday, May 9, 2014

Online Recruiting for Companies in Locations That Are Hard to Sell

When you are engaged in online recruiting, your candidates could be coming from anywhere in the world. How do you get people excited about a possible move from Paris or Hawaii to a community that is harder to sell?

Start out locally: If you can fill the vacant position with a candidate who already lives nearby you may not even have to address the issue. Of course, this may also save you money in relocation expenses and help you schedule an earlier start date.

Personalize your approach: The good news is that there may be plenty of people out there who appreciate your community more than any popular tourist destination. Places without a lot of nightlife may be attractive to a parent who cares more about quality schools and affordable home prices. A remote location and mild weather may suit the athlete who wants to run outdoors all year. An arts lover may be enchanted by an older city whose population is declining if there’s still charming architecture and a stellar art museum and orchestra.

Consider splitting time between two cities: In recent years, there has been a big increase in people who call more than one place home on an extended basis. The logistics are challenging, but the rewards may be worth it for some candidates. If circumstances permit, you may want to let them try out the commute before making a final commitment.

Discuss the timeline: Staying in a place for one year is different from making a permanent move. Maybe you need specialized talent for a short term contract. By stating that at the outset you can attract candidates who are willing to make an interim move while they pursue other longer term prospects.

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