Friday, June 27, 2014

Free Resumes for Employers Seeking Data Entry Keyers

It’s no secret that today’s businesses thrive on data, and a lot of it! So there is never a shortage of open data entry keyer positions available in the world’s busiest economic zones. But how does a business find the best data keyers for the multitude of crucial tasks at hand? We’d recommend starting with our online human resource tool. It includes access to free resumes for employers.

At Jobvertise, we consistently receive resumes from experienced and hopeful data entry keyers from around the world. All of those resumes are placed by those individuals into our Jobvertise database, which is currently 1 million+ strong. Accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, it is the best place for employers to go when they need good data entry help, fast.

Like so many of our online human resource tool’s features, it’s completely free to use. And we offer premium add-ons for modest fees too. The list of beneficial, premium resume search plan features for companies in need of data entry help is quite extensive. For instance, let’s say that data entry help is needed at a large, international firm with 100+ locations and 50+ divisions. And on average, each division typically needs 250 new employees every summer to handle an influx of seasonal orders.

Well, with our online tool, Human Resource Department Managers at each of the company’s 50+ divisions could share one login and collectively search 300 data entry keyers’ resumes per day! In addition, they’d be given priority access during peak search times and have opportunities to bypass old resumes and focus on the newly posted ones.

When viewing the data entry keyers’ resumes, those same managers would also be able to see all of the candidate’s contact information so they could reach out to the best ones as soon as possible. And given how crucial having the right data entry team is to so many different industries, that’s truly a phenomenal plus. To learn more about these resume search plan benefits and others, please contact us today.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Search Resumes: Finding The Right Applicant The Easy Way

There was once a day when finding a new hire meant putting out an ad in the paper and waiting for the right person to notice it and come calling. No longer is this amount of waiting and chance necessary. Now, the applicant market is much deeper, and it is a lot easier to just search resumes and find the people that can do the work you need done.

Using Metrics
When searching for new employees, a business owner can go take a look at whatever qualifications they might consider to be important. It is a lot easier to simply type in a search for particular criteria than it is to wait and hope that someone who comes to interview has the qualities you are looking for. The job seekers on the website will post all of the information that you need to know about them right on the site
Broaden Your Search
A resume search site is great because it allows the user to broaden his or her horizons in terms of where they might get their employees. It creates a larger pool for them to select from, and this in turn adds more diversity to the workplace and helps improve the quality of employees who are selected. That in and of itself is a good reason to switch over to the resume search websites.

Contact Potential Hires
When a business reaches out and contacts someone who has put their resume on a search site, there is a good chance that the potential hire will at least contact the business back. Many will accept an interview if one is offered to them, and some will accept a job offer if they are able to get to that point.
Contact us for more information on the usefulness of a resume search website.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Search Resumes for Free and Find Qualified Landscaping Staff

It is estimated that more than 75% of Americans turn towards landscaping companies in search of the perfect lawn and garden. Some choose to seek professional help because they don’t have the personal resources to get the job done right and others just prefer to utilize their resources elsewhere. Regardless of consumers’ reasoning, it is clear that now is the peak time for landing lawn and garden care jobs. And if your landscaping firm is hoping to make the most of the season, be sure to stop by Jobvertise and search resumes for free.

At Jobvertise, we maintain an international database that contains the resumes of 1 million+ qualified people actively seeking employment in a wide range of fields. Of course one of those fields is landscaping. Thus, at any given moment of the day or night, you may find qualified people to serve as the following team players:
  • Landscape supervisors, foreman and project directors
  • Core aeration technicians and artificial turf installers
  • Landscape crew members and crew leaders
  • Lawn and garden pest control technicians
  • Commercial mowers and hardscapers
  • Research agricultural technicians
  • Gardeners and nursery managers
  • Landscape architectural designers
In addition to passively searching for landscaping staff, employers are also welcome to make use of our recruiting services. They include the ability to post landscaping related help wanted ads and set-up a personalized jobs page. For start-up, small and moderate size landscaping companies, such services can really prove to be invaluable. That’s because they reduce the need for having to pay for, post and keep track of landscaping help wanted listings across multiple venues.

To learn more about using our database to search for new members of your seasonal landscaping team, please contact us. Our recruiting experts would love to help you staff your landscaping company for the summer season and well beyond.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Your Top Performers Should Interview Candidates from our Free Resume Database

Our free resume database makes it easier to find qualified candidates for any position, but you still need to find the right people to interview them. These are 5 good reasons to give your top performers a role in the selection process at your company.

Once you pick out the candidates you're going to bring in for an interview, include your top performers in the panel or give them a chance to talk one-on-one with each person prior to making any hiring decision. Consider the value your star employees bring to the table:

Focusing on results rather than qualifications: A high achiever probably wants to see if a team member can increase sales, improve quality, speed up delivery or make progress toward other goals. They're less likely to spend time worrying about a candidate's exact number of years of experience or past GPA.

Spotting potential: Of course, qualifications may be the easiest thing for many people to measure. Top performers are better positioned to recognize what a recent graduate or career changer is capable of.

Assessing accomplishments: There's considerable pressure on job hunters to inflate their resumes. An employee with firsthand experience can delve into details and tell what's realistic and relevant.

Discussing obstacles: Even if the candidate pulled off miracles in their last job, you'll be introducing them into new terrain. Your employee can point out the unique challenges as they see them.

Demonstrating high energy: Different industries require different qualities, but high energy levels are one thing most stellar employees have in common. Look for a candidate who matches the enthusiasm and engagement you find in your best team members.

Our customers say that Jobvertise delivers better results than the higher priced resume sites. Contact us today to search 1 million resumes free or discuss a customized plan for you.