Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Your Top Performers Should Interview Candidates from our Free Resume Database

Our free resume database makes it easier to find qualified candidates for any position, but you still need to find the right people to interview them. These are 5 good reasons to give your top performers a role in the selection process at your company.

Once you pick out the candidates you're going to bring in for an interview, include your top performers in the panel or give them a chance to talk one-on-one with each person prior to making any hiring decision. Consider the value your star employees bring to the table:

Focusing on results rather than qualifications: A high achiever probably wants to see if a team member can increase sales, improve quality, speed up delivery or make progress toward other goals. They're less likely to spend time worrying about a candidate's exact number of years of experience or past GPA.

Spotting potential: Of course, qualifications may be the easiest thing for many people to measure. Top performers are better positioned to recognize what a recent graduate or career changer is capable of.

Assessing accomplishments: There's considerable pressure on job hunters to inflate their resumes. An employee with firsthand experience can delve into details and tell what's realistic and relevant.

Discussing obstacles: Even if the candidate pulled off miracles in their last job, you'll be introducing them into new terrain. Your employee can point out the unique challenges as they see them.

Demonstrating high energy: Different industries require different qualities, but high energy levels are one thing most stellar employees have in common. Look for a candidate who matches the enthusiasm and engagement you find in your best team members.

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