Sunday, October 28, 2012

Save time with Resume Alerts

If you are looking to hire a candidate with specific skills the Resume Alert service is a great addition to your search tools. Resume Alerts allows you to save a search so we can check it each night and send you any new resumes that match your criteria.

There are two ways to set up Resume Alerts:

1) Do a regular resume search, and just above the search results you will see a link to "create a resume alert". This will take you to a page which shows your resume alert, and press the "Add Alert" to confirm.

2) Log in to Jobvertise and click on "Resume Alerts". This will bring you to a blank form where you can add your keywords, locations, etc. Once you fill out the information click "Add Alert"

Every night we will cross-check your settings with new resumes that are entered in our database. If there is a match we will send you an e-mail so you can click on the resume to proceed.

Please note that it is free to setup this service and receive the alerts. However, since the resume has just been entered at the time of the e-mail it is under 21 days old so it requires a premium membership to view.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Readable Captcha for the Jobvertise Login Page

Probably the number one comment we received from employers over the past few months was related to the CAPTCHA on the login page. Typing the letters and numbers in the image is necessary to prevent unwanted automated logins to our system.

The CAPTCHA image was provided by a third party, and over time it became more and more unreadable. Also, there were characters appearing that would not be easily typed, such as mathematical symbols. This issue became increasingly frustrating for employers who just wanted to log in and view resumes and post jobs.

We upgraded the CAPTCHA image which balances our need for security and minimizes effort on the employers part. You will note that there are now only 5 letters/numbers to type, and they are easily readable in comparison to the old version.

You can see this new CAPTCHA at the Jobvertise employer login.

The Jobvertise Team

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Identify Previously Viewed Resumes

We have added a new feature to the resume search which helps you identify resumes that you have already viewed.

Previously the only way to know if you viewed a resume was noticing the color of the browsers link on the resume title. Typically, unclicked links are blue, and links you have already clicked on turn maroon.

There are several problems with that, including the browser link "reset" setting can be a variable number of days depending on the browser. Also deleting temporary files can also reset these links to blue. And of course, if you have multiple people sharing an account using different computers the color links will not be correct.

We have added an "eye" icon which is present next to the title of every resume you have viewed. This is on a per account basis, so users sharing an account will also see that they or someone else has viewed the resume.

Below is the "eye" icon indicating the resume was previously viewed:

Note that if you hover your mouse over the eye icon when doing a resume search you will see the date that the resume was viewed on.

This feature will help you save time and allow goups of recruiters to use the Jobvertise Resume Database more efficiently!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Avoid the Jobvertise CAPTCHA Security Test

Lately we have received a lot of customer feedback that users are having difficulties logging in because the Jobvertise CAPTCHA security check is hard to read.

The CAPTCHA security check allows us to tell if the login is from a human or an automated script. This prevents automatic downloading of data which is a violation of our policies and also can be used for less than ethical purposes.

Paid Jobvertise Resume Plans bypass CAPTCHA

We understand the hassle, and are trying to come up with solutions for this. One thing we are doing right now is not checking the CAPTCHA for those who have current premium resume searching plans.

A side benefit of the paid plans is that we are able to confirm a credit card or other payment method which significantly lowers the risk of abuse of our system. Because of the lower risk at this point we are comfortable not checking CAPTCHA for these accounts.

NOTE: Even if you have a paid resume search plan the CAPTCHA box will still be present on the login page, but you can ignore it. It is still there because we do not know who is logging in until after the login form is filled out.

Cannot Read the CAPTCHA?

For those using the free services we offer you still must pass the CAPTCHA security test. However, if you see words you cannot figure out you can either click your browsers reload button or click the small icon in the CAPTCHA with the two curved arrows.

The refresh button inside the CAPTCHA box is better than the browser refresh button because you won't lose the information you already typed in the previous fields. You can continue pressing the icon until you get words you can read.

If you have any questions or comments please contact support via our feedback form .