Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Find Candidates in the Information Age

If you have a big hire in front of you, it's best to step into the information age and make sure you use every resource that you have before you. The best way to find candidates these days is to conduct the search nationwide or even worldwide. We live in a time that is a buyer's market for companies looking to hire, because plenty of people are out of work. You can increase the chances of finding candidates by using job portals that allow you to collect resumes.
This is a great opportunity, because you basically enter a search criteria and allow software to do all of the work. Instead of burning money on travel expenses to visit job fairs, you can receive resumes from people who are coming to you. It is also important to find the right candidate by searching all over, because you do not want to make a poor hire due to lack of research. Since you're able to pluck people from all over the planet, thanks to resume submission services, you have every tool at your disposal to find the right candidates. When this is what you are looking for, make sure that you lean on use for all of the help you could possibly ask for!

We allow people to submit resumes and help companies match with hungry and capable employees. In order to make the most out of your next hiring process, visit our site and contact us to take advantage of the services we provide.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Streamline Your Candidate Search with Online Recruiting

We know an HR manager who advertised locally a few years ago for a data entry position and received over 500 resumes. A large number of those candidates were not qualified for the position, and weeding through all those resumes and cover letters took a great amount of her precious time. In this day and age, there is a more efficient way to find qualified candidates for all sorts of positions, and that is through online recruiting.

There are a number of advantages to utilizing an online database for your recruiting efforts. First, while there are millions of resumes out there online, you can easily search for exactly the skills and experience that you need for your position. Because of the powerful search tools available with online services, you do not need to read every resume yourself. Instead, you can set parameters for qualified candidates and only review those whose background meets your needs.
An online database also allows you to widen your search beyond the local level. In our extremely mobile culture and challenging economic climate, job seekers are often more willing to move to a new location in order to take a job that appeals to them, especially if the location will also be a new and exciting opportunity for them.

You can also make your business, and your location, more enticing to potential employees by creating your own job page on a website such as Jobvertise. This will allow you to make your company stand out amongst those who are looking for qualified candidates.

Of course, another advantage in these tough economic times is the opportunity to try a new service for free, and Jobvertise makes all its basic services, for both employers and job seekers, free in order to attract a wide variety of qualified job seekers and employers.
So jump start your online recruiting with the ability to search over one million resumes for free. Contact us today to sign up and get started.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Search Resumes Online to Find the Right Candidate

In today’s fast moving world, you can’t always wait for the right candidate for the open position in your company to come to you. Sometimes, you have to go to them. The job market has gone high-tech, and the way for employers and potential employees to contact each other has changed. No longer are the days of searching through exclusively paper resumes, now are the times to search resumes online, as well as paper, and it is the only way to maximize the potential of your company’s future employees.

Online hiring has jumped in numbers, and it means there are hundreds of websites to search for new employees to add to your company. Many sites are overloaded with employers, however, and don’t have enough qualified job seekers to fill the jobs. Unlike those websites, Jobvertise.Com has one million resumes listed online for you to search through, as well as numerous other benefits for employers to use in the process of hiring.

With online tools like Jobvertise.Com, you can search resumes online, with the ability to narrow the search down by specific search terms, as well as by what candidates are willing to relocate. This can make your search for finding the perfect employee easier, and you can do it all from one website. You also have the option of posting the job you have open on the website, so you have people coming to you as you are looking. This can better your chances of finding the right person for the job you have available, and it will increase the number of resumes you see.

Some other benefits of using Jobvertise.Com are that you can set up your job listing so that, with the click of a button, the listing will show up on popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN, as well as on your own website.

If you have any questions as to how Jobvertise.Com works, visit the FAQ page on our website, or contact us.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jobvertise E-mails are Mobile Friendly

Things have changed rapidly over the last three years, and more and more people are reading their e-mails on their phone or tablets instead of their desktop computer. Because of this trend we have switched to a more cell-phone friendly e-mail format.

Having an e-mail format that looks nice on desktop computers and also renders in a way that looks good on smaller screens is challenging, but we think we have reached a nice compromise which should be great for both types of viewing.

If you are still using the desktop you will only see slight image and  navigation changes at the top of the e-mails. For those of you on mobile the first screen of content will contain more relevant information and easy vertical scrolling.

Happy Mobile Computing,

The Jobvertise Team

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jobvertise Provides Job Content for Websites

Free Job Content for your Website or Blog

Do you have a web site for posting jobs? You can use a feed from Jobvertise to supplement your jobs and have a better user experience for your jobseekers.

You can import our jobs using an xml feed. If you want a small  niche job subset you can do this easily with an rss feed. For example, to request jobs near Chicago for Java Programmers use the following url:

In fact, just do any kind of job search on Jobvertise and then click on the "RSS" link to get the url for your custom search. Then code that into your jobs pages and presto, you have free content for your web site!

If you have a larger site or a more general job site  you may be interested in a full jobs feed from Jobvertise. We can provide you an xml file to download. Because of the size, the jobs file will be compressed and updated each night. Please contact us to set up a feed for you if you are interested in this service.

The Team

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jobvertise upgrades employer login area

You may have noticed that Jobvertise has a new, fresher look. We took the time to make the employer login area more clean and sectioned so it is easier to find what you are looking for and also give you status updates on your account.

Because Jobvertise had the same layout for so long we were careful to preserve the same concepts so you can get your recruiting work done quickly as before with the benefit of some additional features.

For example, if you do not have Resume Alerts set up we feature this prominently on the administration area with a yellow triangle warning sign.  Conversely, if you have them set up we acknowledge this so it's easy for you to verify and also edit your Resume Alerts.

Also, we have included contextual navigation, so the main links towards the top of the page are content dependent are more relevant for easier access the features and options you are more likely to use.

This sectioned format has been upgraded throughout the site for consistency. We initially received some feedback from users regarding these changes and and have tweaked the layout to make it even better.

The Jobvertise Team

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A new year, and plenty of new resumes

Happy February! Jobvertise continues to grow, and is having a great 2013 so far, with January jobseeker traffic and employer activity easily surpassing 2012 levels. We are now averaging almost 1,000 resumes a day, which is great for employers searching our resume database.

We have received plenty of positive feedback regarding our "eye" icon on the resume search; when this shows up near the resume title you know that you have already looked at that resume. This is a great time saver and also saves your resume views so that you don't waste them on resumes you already viewed.

We now have 3 different plans for premium members searching our resume database. The most popular one, the Standard Resume Plan gives you 125 resume views each day, plus full access to the available contact information and fresh resumes. At only $59 month-to-month it is a great deal compared with other sites. We don't lock you into recurring payments! But if you want to save an additional 10% on your future payments, signing up for automatic billing is easy to do.

In the last 3 months we have also expanded our partnership agreements to include more job aggregators and this means one thing to you - more responses to your job postings, and more resumes!

We are looking forward to the rest of the year, and we hope that you can ride the wave and include Jobvertise as part f your 2013 recruiting plans.

The Jobvertise Team