Thursday, July 11, 2013

Streamline Your Candidate Search with Online Recruiting

We know an HR manager who advertised locally a few years ago for a data entry position and received over 500 resumes. A large number of those candidates were not qualified for the position, and weeding through all those resumes and cover letters took a great amount of her precious time. In this day and age, there is a more efficient way to find qualified candidates for all sorts of positions, and that is through online recruiting.

There are a number of advantages to utilizing an online database for your recruiting efforts. First, while there are millions of resumes out there online, you can easily search for exactly the skills and experience that you need for your position. Because of the powerful search tools available with online services, you do not need to read every resume yourself. Instead, you can set parameters for qualified candidates and only review those whose background meets your needs.
An online database also allows you to widen your search beyond the local level. In our extremely mobile culture and challenging economic climate, job seekers are often more willing to move to a new location in order to take a job that appeals to them, especially if the location will also be a new and exciting opportunity for them.

You can also make your business, and your location, more enticing to potential employees by creating your own job page on a website such as Jobvertise. This will allow you to make your company stand out amongst those who are looking for qualified candidates.

Of course, another advantage in these tough economic times is the opportunity to try a new service for free, and Jobvertise makes all its basic services, for both employers and job seekers, free in order to attract a wide variety of qualified job seekers and employers.
So jump start your online recruiting with the ability to search over one million resumes for free. Contact us today to sign up and get started.

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