Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Avoid the Jobvertise CAPTCHA Security Test

Lately we have received a lot of customer feedback that users are having difficulties logging in because the Jobvertise CAPTCHA security check is hard to read.

The CAPTCHA security check allows us to tell if the login is from a human or an automated script. This prevents automatic downloading of data which is a violation of our policies and also can be used for less than ethical purposes.

Paid Jobvertise Resume Plans bypass CAPTCHA

We understand the hassle, and are trying to come up with solutions for this. One thing we are doing right now is not checking the CAPTCHA for those who have current premium resume searching plans.

A side benefit of the paid plans is that we are able to confirm a credit card or other payment method which significantly lowers the risk of abuse of our system. Because of the lower risk at this point we are comfortable not checking CAPTCHA for these accounts.

NOTE: Even if you have a paid resume search plan the CAPTCHA box will still be present on the login page, but you can ignore it. It is still there because we do not know who is logging in until after the login form is filled out.

Cannot Read the CAPTCHA?

For those using the free services we offer you still must pass the CAPTCHA security test. However, if you see words you cannot figure out you can either click your browsers reload button or click the small icon in the CAPTCHA with the two curved arrows.

The refresh button inside the CAPTCHA box is better than the browser refresh button because you won't lose the information you already typed in the previous fields. You can continue pressing the icon until you get words you can read.

If you have any questions or comments please contact support via our feedback form .