Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jobvertise November News

New Resume Searching Plan Update

We are happy to report great success with our new tiered Resume Searching Plans. Giving employers and recruiters more options to choose appropriate levels of membership benefits everyone. If one of the plans does not meet your needs please contact us for a custom resume searching quote. Of course, there is no obligation to move to a paid plan, you can always use the free basic resume searching.

The most frequent Job Posting Question

Probably the most frequent question asked regarding job posting is when an employer or recruiter makes a job post and then immediately searches for it in our database but cannot find it. It can take up to two hours for job posts to show up in our database. This is due to caching of job searches and further checks we do on the job posting to see if it meets our quality standards. We cache the job searches to reduce the load on our web site due to the volume of hits especially during peak traffic times. Also we do further checks on the job posting to make sure candidates get the best quality jobs.

Jobvertise Partnership

Jobvertise is pleased to report that we have partnered with AdsDeck Jobs to increase our job distribution reach. We look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Resume Searching Plans

Jobvertise has created a new set of membership plans for searching resumes. Previously, we offered two membership levels, free and paid. Now we give you several membership levels to choose from based on your needs. Please click below for a comparison table of the new plans.

Compare Resume Searching Membership Plans

Resume Searching Discounts

* Subscribe for three months and receive a 20% discount
* Subscribe for one year and receive a 40% discount
* Choose automatic payments and take an additional 10% off all your renewals

Special Offer

Valid until August 31st, 2011. Order a resume searching plan with automatic renewal and get a free one month Featured Job Posting, a $49.95 value. To redeem this subscribe to any plan with automatic renewal and add a job in the free posting section. Then contact us and we will upgrade your job posting at no charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions and answers regarding our new membership plans. Please see the Membership Plans and FAQ and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you still have questions please call sales at 888-388-JOBS (5627).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jobvertise July News

Last weekend we updated Jobvertise to increase internal security. The upgrade to Jobvertise resulted in less than 15 minutes of downtime in order to install the changes. We apologize to anyone who was affected by this upgrade. We are doing a lot behind the scenes now, users should not notice any changes but rest assured we are working hard to make the site better.

Jobvertise has seen an significant increase in traffic over the past few weeks, we are always working to increase visitors and provide our customers with as many candidates as possible. On a related note our database is approaching one million resumes! More information on that later as we get close to the magic number.

The Jobvertise Team

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Use Social Media with Jobvertise

Use Social Media With Jobvertise

Promote your Jobs with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and More

Dear Employer/Recruiter,

Jobvertise offers you easy to use tools to help promote your jobs on social networking sites. Below are some tips to save you time.

Use the Social Media Buttons in Jobvertise

After you log into Jobvertise you will see the common Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter logos. Clicking on a logo will take you to the respective site with a pre-filled link to show a web page containing all of your jobs. If you are not logged into the social networking site you will be prompted to do so, and then all you need to do is confirm the post. This is a good way to promote a web page with all of your jobs.

While that is convenient, it is better to display each job separately. This will give the social networking sites more content to match on searches and more keywords to catch people's attention. To do this you can log into Jobvertise and click on the 'Add, Edit, and Promote Jobs' link. This will give you a list of jobs with the social networking logos next to each job. From there you can click on an icon for each job. As before you will see that it pre-fills the links and titles with the individual job information. From there you can modify the information as necessary and confirm the post.

Your Social Media Web Page

To make promoting your jobs as easy as possible we also prepared a web page for your account with social media buttons. It also includes html links for each job in your account so you can easily post the links to alternative social media websites.

(replace YOUR_MEMBERID with the MemberID you use to login to Jobvertise)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year and Happy 2011 Recruiting

2010 was a great year for Jobvertise, we hope you had a great holiday season. However, if you are like most recruiters it's prime time to get to work! Our candidates obviously drop off towards the end of December, but now that the holidays are over job hunting starts to ramp up so you should take advantage of this time of year.

If you don't already have a Jobvertise account there's no excuse to not get going because much of the site is free. You can search resumes (with some restrictions) and post basic jobs at no charge. We do this so you can try our services without needing funding approval from anyone in your organization and can get going right away. We don't like waiting for things when we try to get work done, and probably neither do you. You can create an account at to get started immediately. We hope that the site will work great for you and will consider the premium membership to get all the bells and whistles. But if you only want to use the free services that's ok too!

For those of you who have accounts please log in and post your jobs by clicking on "Add/Edit Jobs". This is your main control area where you can do all kinds of maintenance and keep your listings up-to-date.

And don't forget to upload your jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to get extra exposure. We make it easy for you to utilize these social networking sites.

You can run some resume searches and also set up 'Resume Alerts' which will e-mail you when new resumes come in. This is a great time saver since you don't have to keep logging in to see new resumes that match your searches.  However it is important to note that you will need the Preferred Membership to actually view the resumes since they are obviously within the 21 day window and considered "fresh". Fresh resumes  are only available to premium customers (until they are over 21 days old at which time they are available to everyone).

Looking forward to another wonderful year!

The Jobvertise Team

Friday, July 16, 2010

Easily Promote your Job using Social Media

We have added convenient buttons for you to quickly and easily list your jobs on Twitter and Linked in. Once you have logged in and click on "Add/Edit Jobs" you will see the Twitter and Linked in buttons under the "Promote" column on the far right. Simply clicking on these buttons will take you to the respective web sites and pre-populate fields so you can easily make your posting.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. If there are other social media sites you would like to use to promote your job listings please contact us through our feedback form.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jobvertise reduces ads, adds contact info

Recently we have made a conscious effort to give users of Jobvertise a better experience by removing ads, increasing contact information and better communication.

Our CEO has written a letter which gives a little insight on how our company is run.

You may notice on individual job pages we have reduced the ads displayed by 80%. Our business model does work around advertising, but we have found that smaller, more targeted ads give good results and generic run of site ads just are not worth the trade off as far as cluttering the web site and giving you a good user experience.

Additionally we have provided contact information for our company at the bottom of each job detail page so you can easily contact us at any time.

All of these changes to Jobvertise should benefit you the jobseeker. We hope you enjoy the changes to the Jobvetise web site.