Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jobvertise November News

New Resume Searching Plan Update

We are happy to report great success with our new tiered Resume Searching Plans. Giving employers and recruiters more options to choose appropriate levels of membership benefits everyone. If one of the plans does not meet your needs please contact us for a custom resume searching quote. Of course, there is no obligation to move to a paid plan, you can always use the free basic resume searching.

The most frequent Job Posting Question

Probably the most frequent question asked regarding job posting is when an employer or recruiter makes a job post and then immediately searches for it in our database but cannot find it. It can take up to two hours for job posts to show up in our database. This is due to caching of job searches and further checks we do on the job posting to see if it meets our quality standards. We cache the job searches to reduce the load on our web site due to the volume of hits especially during peak traffic times. Also we do further checks on the job posting to make sure candidates get the best quality jobs.

Jobvertise Partnership

Jobvertise is pleased to report that we have partnered with AdsDeck Jobs to increase our job distribution reach. We look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

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