Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Use Social Media with Jobvertise

Use Social Media With Jobvertise

Promote your Jobs with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and More

Dear Employer/Recruiter,

Jobvertise offers you easy to use tools to help promote your jobs on social networking sites. Below are some tips to save you time.

Use the Social Media Buttons in Jobvertise

After you log into Jobvertise you will see the common Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter logos. Clicking on a logo will take you to the respective site with a pre-filled link to show a web page containing all of your jobs. If you are not logged into the social networking site you will be prompted to do so, and then all you need to do is confirm the post. This is a good way to promote a web page with all of your jobs.

While that is convenient, it is better to display each job separately. This will give the social networking sites more content to match on searches and more keywords to catch people's attention. To do this you can log into Jobvertise and click on the 'Add, Edit, and Promote Jobs' link. This will give you a list of jobs with the social networking logos next to each job. From there you can click on an icon for each job. As before you will see that it pre-fills the links and titles with the individual job information. From there you can modify the information as necessary and confirm the post.

Your Social Media Web Page

To make promoting your jobs as easy as possible we also prepared a web page for your account with social media buttons. It also includes html links for each job in your account so you can easily post the links to alternative social media websites.

(replace YOUR_MEMBERID with the MemberID you use to login to Jobvertise)

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