Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Identify Previously Viewed Resumes

We have added a new feature to the resume search which helps you identify resumes that you have already viewed.

Previously the only way to know if you viewed a resume was noticing the color of the browsers link on the resume title. Typically, unclicked links are blue, and links you have already clicked on turn maroon.

There are several problems with that, including the browser link "reset" setting can be a variable number of days depending on the browser. Also deleting temporary files can also reset these links to blue. And of course, if you have multiple people sharing an account using different computers the color links will not be correct.

We have added an "eye" icon which is present next to the title of every resume you have viewed. This is on a per account basis, so users sharing an account will also see that they or someone else has viewed the resume.

Below is the "eye" icon indicating the resume was previously viewed:

Note that if you hover your mouse over the eye icon when doing a resume search you will see the date that the resume was viewed on.

This feature will help you save time and allow goups of recruiters to use the Jobvertise Resume Database more efficiently!

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