Friday, January 17, 2014

Keep Boomerangs in Mind on Your Free Company Jobs Page

When you are looking to fill a position and creating your free company jobs page, do not forget about boomerang hiring. A growing number of companies are welcoming back old employees. Your online search may turn up familiar names that are worth considering.

Many consulting firms have traditionally maintained alumni organizations. Today, that trend has spread. Celestial Seasonings estimates that more than 10% of its workforce are repeat players.

If you want to access your old employees as a source of future candidates, there are many steps you can take. That includes using your job listings to let them know that rehires are welcome Like any hiring decision there are advantages and disadvantages.

The upside of boomerangs is a relatively high return on investment. You already know their skills and whether they are a good fit for the corporate culture. There is also a public relations value. As people change jobs more often, returning may supplement retention as a metric to watch. It says something positive about your company that employees would want to come back.

Of course, there are also factors you want to be cautious about. All candidates should receive equal and objective consideration to find the best person for any vacancy. Examine exit interviews and other sources to identify why the person left and reduce the risk of running into a recurring issue. You also need to consider the impact on current workers, especially those who may have advanced after the candidate’s departure. While rehires have tended to come from voluntary resignations in the past, it may now be worth looking at people whose positions were eliminated for financial reasons as long as everyone is still on good terms.

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