Friday, January 24, 2014

After You Find Candidates, Keep Them on The Job by Avoiding These Mistakes

Even with the help of our site, finding candidates is a major, if necessary, hassle. You need to take time out of your busy day to post an ad, evaluate resumes, call candidates and interview them, and decide on whom to hire. If you want your hard work to pay off, your new employees must be productive as soon as possible and stay with the company a long time. To achieve those goals, avoid these mistakes.
  • Not delegating. There's nobody in the world who can do your job as well as you can, so you continue to do everything. Then what was the point of hiring new employees? They are supposed to help you fulfill their objectives but only if you give them work to do. Explain to them the goals you want them to reach and their schedules, and then allow them to do their jobs. Don't micromanage. Otherwise, you'll be doubling your work when you do your tasks and try to do theirs.
  • Criticizing publicly. The point of constructive criticism is to improve employee performance. The worker listens to what you have to say and with your help, finds ways to address the problem. If you're scolding him in front of everyone else, do you think he's hearing you? Or is he wondering about his own embarrassment and how to get away from you? In addition, the employees within earshot are feeling the same thing. Prevent these negative feelings by critiquing employees privately. Instead, praise him publicly which puts everyone in a congratulatory mood.
  • Being your employees' best friend. Because you may be supervising several employees, you want to treat them in the same way. You can only do that if you see them objectively. If you start being too friendly with someone, can you make tough decisions about him? Can you fire him if he consistently performs below acceptable standards? Conversely, do you give raises to people you like or to the best workers? Try to walk the fine line between maintaining a pleasant working environment and staying the boxx.
Avoiding these issues can ensure that your employees remain motivated to work for you. If you want more information about recruiting the write candidates, please contact us.

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