Friday, October 4, 2013

Human Resources' Tool Can Help Managers Uncover Resume Red Flags

With all of the people looking for work these days, human resource managers truly have their work cut out for them. On a positive note, there are ways that HR Directors can ease their staff’s workloads. One of them is to use a human resources’ tool that can quickly help HR team members identify resume red flags.

A human resources' tool that falls into that category is Jobvertise. Jobvertise allows employers to complete several key functions that are helpful in uncovering resume red flags. For example, employers may use select search criteria that will help them eliminate overqualified individuals and those that are outside of the firm’s geographical area.

In addition, Jobvertise is a human resources’ tool that permits employers to directly view a person’s e-mail. The e-mail that a person uses to submit a resume can be a red flag too. Take the case of a job seeker that uses his or her current employer’s e-mail account to submit a resume as an example. It indicates that the person does not have a problem using his or her employer’s assets for personal gain.

Use of unusual e-mail addresses like “partyallthetime@” could also signal a potential problem.
Furthermore, employers using Jobvertise as a human resources’ tool also have the capability of separating current resumes from aging ones. As such, the hassle of sifting through the resumes of applicants that feasibly have long employment gaps or outdated skills is greatly reduced.

Helping to identify resume red flags is not the only benefit to be gained by using a human resources’ tool like Jobvertise either. It also offers busy HR staff the opportunity to complete the following tasks with ease:
  • Secure featured and super featured ad placement
  • Protect sensitive e-mail addresses from view
  • Batch import multiple job openings
  • Create a customized job page
  • Search resumes for free
For more information about using Jobvertise to ease your HR team’s often overwhelming work load, please contact us online. Jobvertise, Inc. is an Illinois based firm with experience assisting more than 200,000 companies with their human resources needs.

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