Saturday, October 26, 2013

Great Ways to Find Top Candidates with Jobvertise

Have you been trying to find candidates to fill your firm’s open positions? Has the entire process got you a bit flustered and ready to throw in the keyboard? If that’s the case, we’d suggest signing up with Jobvertise and utilizing the following online recruiting tips:

Show the Love

One great way to find candidates is to let the world know why existing employees love working for you. Doing so in an effective manner should make others want to join your team in droves. This publicized love fest may be achieved in several ways. For example, you could create a landing page that includes video testimonials and a job search text box. You could also launch a “show the love” social media themed campaign with tie-ins to your Jobvertise jobs page.

Get a Plan

Another superlative way to find candidates with Jobvertise is to establish a plan. Although our basic service is completely free, paid plans offer valuable features. Those important features include resume alerts, targeted search capabilities, phone numbers and priority access. They can help you do such things as quickly assess the current labor pool, understand your options and make contact with top talent before your competitors.

60 Second Sell

Want to find candidates of the right caliber? Then channel your inner radio copy writer and use those skills to come up with short, killer job descriptions. Just make sure that they’re factual and touch upon all of the key benefits. Once you’re done, batch load them onto the Jobvertise site. You may also want to use our site’s featured job option to highlight key positions. It is an ideal way to get your firm’s listings in front of serious job seekers.

To ask questions about the service and pick up additional online recruiting tips, please contact us through the Jobvertise website.

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