Friday, November 29, 2013

4 Qualities to Look for When Searching Our Free Resumes for Employers

Even with Jobvertise’s superior human resources tools, sifting through free resumes for employers can be time consuming. So to help speed up the process and save everyone from a dreaded case of sandpaper eyes, we wanted to share a bit of advice for finding the best candidates. In our experience, there are several qualities commonly found in wonderful employees. Here is a glance at four of those attributes:

#1: Adaptable
One characteristic commonly found in job candidates with executive potential is adaptability. A good way to tell if a potential hire has that quality is to look at their past work history. Those that held more than one position within a firm or positions that inherently required multitasking tend to be adaptable.

#2: Inquisitive
We’d also suggest looking for signs that the job candidate is inquisitive or otherwise interested in learning new things. Tell-tale signs of such are often found in the education section of a person’s resume. Examples include certificates earned after college graduation and participation in skill based seminars.

#3: Accommodating
The ability to be accommodating is another characteristic to keep an eye out for when using our human resources tools. A great way to determine a person’s flexibility is to look at which hours they list as being available for work. Other methods include looking at what they listed as their desired starting salary and whether or not they listed being open to relocation.

#4: Philanthropy
Lastly, you can sometimes identify a great, prospective team player by their propensity to participate in philanthropic endeavors. After all, most charitable organizations require volunteers to work together in teams. Thus, items to look for when scanning our free resumes for employers include a history of volunteer work.

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