Friday, June 13, 2014

Search Resumes for Free and Find Qualified Landscaping Staff

It is estimated that more than 75% of Americans turn towards landscaping companies in search of the perfect lawn and garden. Some choose to seek professional help because they don’t have the personal resources to get the job done right and others just prefer to utilize their resources elsewhere. Regardless of consumers’ reasoning, it is clear that now is the peak time for landing lawn and garden care jobs. And if your landscaping firm is hoping to make the most of the season, be sure to stop by Jobvertise and search resumes for free.

At Jobvertise, we maintain an international database that contains the resumes of 1 million+ qualified people actively seeking employment in a wide range of fields. Of course one of those fields is landscaping. Thus, at any given moment of the day or night, you may find qualified people to serve as the following team players:
  • Landscape supervisors, foreman and project directors
  • Core aeration technicians and artificial turf installers
  • Landscape crew members and crew leaders
  • Lawn and garden pest control technicians
  • Commercial mowers and hardscapers
  • Research agricultural technicians
  • Gardeners and nursery managers
  • Landscape architectural designers
In addition to passively searching for landscaping staff, employers are also welcome to make use of our recruiting services. They include the ability to post landscaping related help wanted ads and set-up a personalized jobs page. For start-up, small and moderate size landscaping companies, such services can really prove to be invaluable. That’s because they reduce the need for having to pay for, post and keep track of landscaping help wanted listings across multiple venues.

To learn more about using our database to search for new members of your seasonal landscaping team, please contact us. Our recruiting experts would love to help you staff your landscaping company for the summer season and well beyond.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Your Top Performers Should Interview Candidates from our Free Resume Database

Our free resume database makes it easier to find qualified candidates for any position, but you still need to find the right people to interview them. These are 5 good reasons to give your top performers a role in the selection process at your company.

Once you pick out the candidates you're going to bring in for an interview, include your top performers in the panel or give them a chance to talk one-on-one with each person prior to making any hiring decision. Consider the value your star employees bring to the table:

Focusing on results rather than qualifications: A high achiever probably wants to see if a team member can increase sales, improve quality, speed up delivery or make progress toward other goals. They're less likely to spend time worrying about a candidate's exact number of years of experience or past GPA.

Spotting potential: Of course, qualifications may be the easiest thing for many people to measure. Top performers are better positioned to recognize what a recent graduate or career changer is capable of.

Assessing accomplishments: There's considerable pressure on job hunters to inflate their resumes. An employee with firsthand experience can delve into details and tell what's realistic and relevant.

Discussing obstacles: Even if the candidate pulled off miracles in their last job, you'll be introducing them into new terrain. Your employee can point out the unique challenges as they see them.

Demonstrating high energy: Different industries require different qualities, but high energy levels are one thing most stellar employees have in common. Look for a candidate who matches the enthusiasm and engagement you find in your best team members.

Our customers say that Jobvertise delivers better results than the higher priced resume sites. Contact us today to search 1 million resumes free or discuss a customized plan for you.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Search Resumes Online So Your Next Hire Doesn't Look Just Like You

Do you search resumes like you're looking for a friend or for an employee? It's natural to gravitate towards people who seem like us and make us feel comfortable. On the other hand, online job databases and other resources can help your company grow by extending your horizons.
Some of the reasons people give for screening out resumes are downright puzzling. Cultural fit matters, but there's no reason a candidate can't be an excellent computer programmer and play tournament bridge. Think about it. You probably wouldn't lose any sleep if you spotted a top performer in your department carrying around a book about card games. It doesn't make any sense to dismiss people because their hobbies or birth places are different from your own.
In fact, there are many advantages to going beyond your network to make your next hire:

Fill in competency gaps: Think about your company's strengths and weaknesses when you're filling any position. This may be a chance to bring someone on board who has valuable certifications and licenses. Maybe you have plenty of talented writers and you need someone who is good with numbers.

Gain fresh perspectives: One reason we're attracted to people who seem familiar is because they're likely to want to fit in and please us. On the other hand, we grow more when our thinking is challenged. Conflicts can make a team perform better as long as people treat each other with respect.

Reach new customers: Welcome employees with different backgrounds and experiences. They may help you to break into new markets.

Of course, it takes work to make a diverse team gel. Select managers who know how to make each individual feel valued and give their best efforts. During recruitment, focus on a candidate's character, communication style and interpersonal skills.

Employers and recruiters can search more than 1 million resumes for free at Jobvertise. Contact us to learn more about our free services and premium plans.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Job Hunting Via Online Recruiting

You’ve been looking for a job but you haven’t found anything yet and your attention span is starting to slip. Things are not as easy as they used to be. Five to ten years ago, there were only a handful of websites that focused on job searches. There were headhunters knocking down candidate’s doors and the interview process was usually relatively quick. But times have changed.

Now there is considerable legwork required to fins a new job. Gone are the days when you could call a headhunter and have them do the searching for you. Now the onus is on you. So, how do you stay focused on your job search to find a new job? Here are some tips and tricks:

Research With so many online recruiting websites out there claiming to have the newest jobs posted and the most relevant data to help you decide on a position, it can be difficult to determine which site is reputable. Figuring it all out requires research and patience. Here are some important things to consider when selecting a job search website:

Diversify You don’t have to choose just one website for your job search. Try several. In this way, your resume is available to a wider range of businesses.
Know Your Source
There are traditional job board sites where companies list jobs directly, job sites that pull available jobs from multiple job boards, and niche boards that focus on specific positions or skill sets. Educate yourself so you know what to expect from the results. In a word: research!
Schedule Conducting a job search is very much like working. You must be diligent and proactive to find success. It is important that you practice effective time management as you conduct your searches.
  • Allocate time to create and tweak your resume – Your resume is the first thing that employers see. Putting your best foot forward is imperative.
  • Create multiple cover letter templates – It’s important to customize your resume for your audience, however, having a template that is ready to be modified is an excellent way to save time.
  • Conduct thorough searches – Select keywords and tasks that relate to your job experience.
  • Know what is required – Be sure you understand what the employer wants from job candidates
  • Set up alerts to let you know when jobs that match your skill set are available.
  • Network with people on social media sites geared toward business interests like LinkedIn. They may have opportunities available that are not on the job boards.
All of these things take time to do, but with proper planning they can be accomplished in a matter of hours each day.

Change Your Scenery If sitting in front of the computer and looking for jobs is starting to frustrate you, print copies of your resume and walk them in to businesses. Network with people that are in your industry in person as opposed to online.

Allow Yourself Some Downtime Sitting in front of the computer all day will tire anyone out. Let yourself get up and stretch, take a short walk, or grab something to eat.   Read an unrelated article for a change of pace. Once you feel rejuvenated, get back to it!

Looking for a job is tough. It is time consuming and can be daunting but with perseverance, you can get through. Contact us to learn about your next steps!

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Power of Online Recruiting Tools.

The technologies introduced by the internet have made job hunting easier and more accessible than any time in history. What used to a cumbersome task that required one to create resumes, search for prospective employers in the yellow pages and cold call business -- among many other inconveniences -- now requires little more than a cup of coffee, some time and a lot of patience.

Online recruiting tools make the job hunting task for employers easier as well. By having access to a database of potential job candidates, along with their associated information -- such as their resumes, social media account handles and perhaps photos -- they no longer have to be inconvenienced with meeting one person after another simply based on what they see in the persons resume.

Since online recruiting removes most of the face-to-face contact that used to be a staple of the job search, some things employers should look out for when screening potential applicants are:

1. The format of their resume
With the countless amounts of resume templates available, there is no excuse for a person to have one that is not formatted appropriately because it indicates a lack of an ability to pay attention to detail.

2. Always look at public facing social media accounts
More can be told about a person from their social media interactions than by even meeting them. In general, the way a person conducts themselves on social media networks is highly indicative of how they would conduct themselves in the work place.

If you are looking for a job or for someone to fill a job and want to use the best online recruiting tools in the process, feel free to contact us to get you started today!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Online Recruiting for Companies in Locations That Are Hard to Sell

When you are engaged in online recruiting, your candidates could be coming from anywhere in the world. How do you get people excited about a possible move from Paris or Hawaii to a community that is harder to sell?

Start out locally: If you can fill the vacant position with a candidate who already lives nearby you may not even have to address the issue. Of course, this may also save you money in relocation expenses and help you schedule an earlier start date.

Personalize your approach: The good news is that there may be plenty of people out there who appreciate your community more than any popular tourist destination. Places without a lot of nightlife may be attractive to a parent who cares more about quality schools and affordable home prices. A remote location and mild weather may suit the athlete who wants to run outdoors all year. An arts lover may be enchanted by an older city whose population is declining if there’s still charming architecture and a stellar art museum and orchestra.

Consider splitting time between two cities: In recent years, there has been a big increase in people who call more than one place home on an extended basis. The logistics are challenging, but the rewards may be worth it for some candidates. If circumstances permit, you may want to let them try out the commute before making a final commitment.

Discuss the timeline: Staying in a place for one year is different from making a permanent move. Maybe you need specialized talent for a short term contract. By stating that at the outset you can attract candidates who are willing to make an interim move while they pursue other longer term prospects.

Search 1 million resumes free at Jobvertise. Employers and recruiters can contact us to post jobs free and get a free jobs page to put on your website.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Free Resume Search: The Hunt For Better Candidates

Businesses sometimes have to search out candidates for various jobs in a hurry. It could be that there is a position that needs to be filled, and they are at a loss for who to put in that role. If that is the case, a free resume search can help them identify potential candidates for hire quite easily.

Locate Candidates Quickly
Those searching through resumes will enjoy the fact that they are able to locate the candidates they are looking for quickly and easily with customized searches. Customized searches allow for resume screening. It means that people who are in the local area and could actually fill the position can be found. Other criteria can be used to screen through candidates. Perhaps you are only interested in those with a college degree. If so, you can screen out those who do not have one easily.

Check Resumes Before An Interview
Before asking a candidate to come in for an interview it is possible to review their entire resume. You may want to note the things that you have questions about within their resume. It is a good way to prepare for a candidate before they are ever in your office doing an interview with you. Many business owners find this to be a great benefit to interviewing candidates.

Review What The Talent Base Is
Sometimes it is a benefit to simply look at the total base of talent available in the workforce at a given time. It can help you compare what your workforce level of talent is compared to what the talent of the general public is. This may help lead you to make some decisions about your personnel in general.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about a free resume search.